What’s More Important, Your Boyfriend Or Your Pretty, Pretty Face?

If you were forced to choose between people seeing your face au naturel and losing your relationship, what would you pick?

Speaking as someone who considers wearing eyeliner and lipstick getting pretty dressed up, I would have to pick my relationship. But apparently I’m in the minority.

A British study (conducted by the highly scientific, totally unbiased company Bionsen, which makes women’s deodorants) asked women that very question — whether they’d rather be seen with a make-up-less face or dump their boyfriend — and found that 57% chose dumping their boyfriend.

This is either a sad state of affairs for male-female relationships, or a sad state of affairs for women’s self-confidence. Either way, your mascara isn’t going to get you off, ladies, so let’s get out priorities straight.

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    • MsBorgia

      Some of us actually dare to go out in public BARE FACED. Every. Single. Day.

      • Michelle

        I’m with you on this. As if we need make-up to be beautiful or to feel like we’re women. I mean, come on! The pressure to be perfect or live up to an ideal is overrated.

      • Arnie


        Really? So scandalous!

        I don’t actually think I even own any make up. Does the lip balm I have for when I accidentally spent too much time in the sun count? I might have some mascara somewhere, too, and… nail polish?

        But then, I live with five other women, so they can always ambush me with their things when deemed absolutely necessary. (Mostly costume parties)

    • miinxi

      no i agree, i wear a MINIMUM amount of makeup per day (foundation under my eyes, mascara and sometimes eyeliner) and even then my partner sighs LOUDLY when he sees me putting on my makeup (prob the reason why its so minimum in the first place) so ob. relationship. but then if makeup is so important to you maybe you can only love yourself over others?

    • Diana

      ‘If you were FORCED to choose’ I’m sorry, what? To begin with, I’m not sure how you could get to such a situation in the first place. I mean the only logical options are that the woman suddenly decided to wear make-up or that her partner again suddenly changed his mind. Otherwise, if he was okay with make-up (anything from liking it to just tolerating it) why is he now making her choose between the two? And if he was lying about it, it’s his own fault.

      But the main issue here is the verb ‘to force’. The theory is that we’re not supposed to be with anyone that forces us to do anything we don’t want to.

      Furthermore, to like wearing make-up does not mean one has a low self-esteem, neither does refusing to promise to never ever wear it again. Actually, I think it takes a strong, confidant woman to say ‘bye’ to a guy that tries to change her. Someone with low self-esteem might think that if she were to lose this one, there would not be another guy in her life, so she should give in.

      My boyfriend dislikes make-up too. And it is true that I use less make-up that I used to, but then again I used to wear complicated 5 shades of blue (from light to dark) with anything, including jeans and trainers, whereas now, I think that for that kind of outfit mascara is more than enough.

      • Fabel

        Well, I don’t think that the boyfriend is “forcing” the acting here. It’s just one of those hypothetical “either/or” questions that “forces” you to maybe confront something about yourself.

      • Fabel


      • Jessica Ogilvie

        Fabel is right, there’s nothing in this post about anyone’s boyfriend forcing them to do anything. It was a study that asked the question, hence: “A British study (conducted by the highly scientific, totally unbiased company Bionsen, which makes women’s deodorants) asked women that very question — whether they’d rather be seen with a make-up-less face or dump their boyfriend…”

    • Zimmm

      I guess it would depend who’s doing the forcing. If it’s the boyfriend he’s gone. NOT because I’d be unwilling to go out without makeup, but because I’d be unwilling to date someone who’d force me to do anything.

    • jill

      I don’t wear make up and feel great. (No, i’m not in my twenties either… I”ll be 40 in 2 weeks). I had to laugh recently when a friend said “but you’re going to start wearing makeup now that you’re single, right?!”.
      Nope. Single or not.

      • Em

        I love this! We’d be more open to different kinds of beauty if we’d just stop trying to conform to an idealized idea of what beautiful is.

    • Eileen

      Perhaps 57% of British women were looking for an excuse to break up with their boyfriends, anyway?

      • Zimmm

        Or perhaps they read it the way I did, that it was the boyfriend trying to do the forcing.

    • sara

      Oh man–when I was younger (19..ok up until 24) I thought it would be the end of the world if people saw me without makeup. I would cover-up zits and wear eyeliner up until the last second of going to be and get up early so my boyfriend wouldn’t see me.

      Now I’m older and I could care less who sees me with or without makeup. Sometimes I wear it, sometimes I don’t. It took a long time for me to get there though.

    • Alexandra

      Well since going with out make-up would likely result in a break-up ,I’d probably go with option 2. That way I’d at least be able to find a new boyfriend.

    • M

      I could count the time I’ve done a real face of makeup on my fingers. wear lipcolor most days that I work [except when I forget or don't want to deal with it], but that’s as far as it goes except for special occasions. And even not most of those. And seeing as my boyfriend does not seem to mind, obviously I’d keep him and go nakedface since that’s how things are already.