• Tue, Aug 2 2011

Poll: Would You Rather Wear Zombie Shoes Or 5 Finger Shoes?

I mean, let’s be honest, they’re essentially identical right? Except that the zombie shoes are free-er and more alive in a gangrenous, dead kind of way? If you want to hunt down the zombie soles, you can learn more about them here. If you want to buy five finger shoes I refuse to help you in that strange endeavor, and I think you’re a freak. Please do not let that impact your voting decision on the poll.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.



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  • Lindsey

    Ugly-but-really-good-running-shoes vs. hideous slippers?

  • Victoria

    I hate to say this, but I would have to choose the five finger shoes monstrosities. Both shoes make me wanna cringe, but the Zombie shoes are just a little bit to gross for my aversion to feet. :|

  • Zimmm

    Well geez, the vibram 5-fingers at least have a legitimate purpose.

  • Liana

    How is there no suicide option?

  • Magda

    I saw someone wearing the five finger shoes in real life a few weeks ago! I was at the zoo… And the really weirded me out.