Date Night: What Your First Date Destination Says About Your Man

It’s not fair to judge a book by its cover, but it’s smart to judge a man based on his first date. Where he takes you says a lot about him — like whether he’s a drunk, an egomaniac, or a cheapskate.

Looking back, some of my first dates should have been warning signs. There was the guy who had to introduce me to all of his friends at a bar (grossly insecure), the one who refused to go to Brooklyn (serial cheater), and the man who weaseled his way out of paying the bill at a coffee shop (drug addict). If only I had known!

Click through for an assortment of first date destinations and a judgmental summary of the men who were dumb enough to take you there.

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    • Shristi

      Judge a man in first date

    • Amanda

      What about a coffee shop? What does that mean?

      • Brandy Alexander

        A date at a coffee shop is tantamount to a job interview. He’s not sure if he’s into you or not, and will take forever to settle down. But once he does, he’s in it for keeps.

    • ruby

      ive been on a lot of art gallery first dates, non of them were gay but all of them were insecure psychos.

      • Brandy Alexander

        Fair enough — it was a bad stereotype. The insecure thing is spot on. Guys who walk around pointing at art on Date One should spend more time looking at you and less time looking at paint. Am I right, girls?

    • Rebekah Mae

      Ok so what about dancing, country western dancing to be exact. What does that mean?

      • Brandy Alexander

        Sexy! That’s a man who knows what he wants. And he wants you. Winner.

        I once went to a bar with a guy who insisted we line dance. As in, he showed me how and did it with me. He was one of the most confident, fun, sexy guys ever.

    • Aaron

      Wow Brandy Alexander, you are quite the little pessimist!

      • Brandy Alexander

        Aww… I guess I was a little hard on everyone. What’s your best first date destination?

      • Aaron

        Hmmmm apple picking/vinyard was a good one, and I’m always a fan of the zoo!

    • BigSky

      I found most of these a little condescending. It seems like you just found negative things to say about many of the most common first dates. I’ve gone on first dates in my city to an Italian restaurant, but not because I’m pompous, clueless or full of myself, but because it’s one of my favorite places to eat and I want to share that with people and very highly rated. It’s also very near the boardwalk which is great for an after-dinner stroll. I think it would be extremely easy to also write positive things about all these locations. I also think, rather know, that it’s articles like this that make men nervous about dating. You wonder why all the nice guys and good men are gone? It’s because they actually take the time to look up good date ideas online and only find this kind of pessimism. Good Grief.

      • Brandy

        If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Because that’s a bad date, too.

      • Ffejtball

        You’re acting like a good date is an objective matter. It’s precisely the opposite. This whole things is more “What I Think About My First Dates In Hindsight” than “What Your First Date Destination Says About Your Man”. If somebody has a “best first date destination” that’s shallow in itself. It should be more organic, more flexible than “it must always start here”, especially since “first date” implies you’re only going to have one of them, for better or for worse. It’s awfully dependent on what the person you’re going on the date with is like, not to mention what season it is, what the weather’s like, etc., etc.

    • Bernice

      I don’t understand. What is GOING to be a good date then? I don’t like the conventional “dinner and a movie” all the time.

      • Brandy Alexander

        Scotch tasting. Apple picking. Science or history museum. Karaoke night. Oyster bar. Boat ride.

    • Jess

      Could you guys be more pessimistic about everything here. Everything is this is good BUT!!! this is why guys suck.. I don’t get it

      • Brandy Alexander

        What about the lobster bake? Did he take you to a lobster bake?

    • FB (yes, real intilas)

      What, no mention of a strip club?

      But really, good thing the coffee date option was not mentioned. Best way to ensure “no chemistry,” bar none.

      A wedding for a first date? This brings to mind a very un-PC joke about lesbians’ second dates…

    • Jen

      Aaron, I completely agree. I guess not all men can be the cool hipsters who Brandy Alexander is clearly after until of course, they quit their job and start living on her couch…Italian restaurants and art galleries get a thumbs down but a WEDDING on a 1st date is totally cool?!?!?! WTF? I dont think this writer can be over 25 yrs old max. She’s so completely clueless.