Why It Is Great To Date A Jerk

There’s a post over at The Frisky from a woman who wants to date a “good guy”. OH MY GOD WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?

Have we all just forgotten why dating assholes is the best? Why are we allowing “maturity” to just engulf us in its monstrous gullet of “good decisions” after gnawing on us with its pearly “happiness” teeth? Happiness is for people who are afraid to feel! Here is a referral guide in case you’ve forgotten why you should absolutely date a jerk.

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    • Megan

      Don’t pretend this post wasn’t one giant excuse to put a picture of Han Solo on the front page. I know it was.

      • jill

        god love him

      • Jennifer Wright


    • Eileen

      That last slide almost convinced me. Not that I don’t want you to care, but I once had a man text me to say he wanted my opinion on whether or not he should take a nap. I did not want to date him.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Dear Eileen,

        It’s pretty late and I should probably go to sleep, but I just got Whit Stillman’s novelization of The Last Days Of Disco. Should I keep reading it for four more hours? What do you think? I’ll comment again in ten minutes to follow up with you!


    • K

      Meh, I think you are confusing “confident men” with “jerks”. It’s something “nice guys” do all the time. “Why do you want to go out with him? He’s a jerk – all into personal grooming and not berating you for liking guys who don’t expect sex just because they reset your router once five years ago!”

    • Aaron

      This is just silly. I’m sure there are a handful of good reasons to date douche bags, but none of these very solid.