Poll: Do You Believe That SJP Takes The Subway?

In the most recent issue of Marie Claire, Sarah Jessica Parker can be found insisting that she lives her life just like every other woman: taking the kids to school, waiting in lines, going grocery shopping, and taking the subway.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that that her statement is an outright lie, because of course I don’t know one way or the other. But I am going to sit here and say that if I lived in Manhattan and I had enough money to take cabs everywhere, I probably would. I daresay that most people would. There’s no shame in that game, unless you think that having enough money to live in Manhattan and take cabs everywhere is shameful in and of itself, because you’re an anti-capitalist. And in that case, you’re probably going to skew the results of this poll with your rage.

Thanks a lot.

Anyway, what do you think?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Stephanie

      Was it for a scene she was filming? I feel like she wouldn’t survive the subway…

    • Elizabeth

      The subway is often extremely faster than a cab. Anytime there’s traffic, which is um, almost all day long, the subway is faster. Why sit in a cab in traffic stopping at every red light when you can shoot right up Broadway in 10 minutes? A lot of rich people, including celebrities, take the subway.

    • Lisa

      I’ve seen her a couple of times walking around the Village with her son and Matthew Broderick so it’s a possibility.

    • Megan

      I think that’s the only picture of SJP I’ve ever seen in which she doesn’t resemble a horse.

    • Anne

      I’ve spotted Cynthia Nixon on the subway a few times, so why not SJP?