Gallery: Which Of These Vera Wang Wedding Gowns Will Kim Kardashian Wear On Her Big Day?

The following dresses are looks from Vera Wang’s Fall 2011 bridal collection, in which we ask, “Which one will Kim Kardashian choose on her wedding day?” The short answer is… “None of them,” because Kim Kardashian is probably getting her gown custom made by Wang and her team. However, if we look at the recent runway show, we can try to imagine the subtle changes Kim Kardashian might request so that the gowns better reflect her own… unique… style.

All images from WWD.

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    • Claudia

      That was hilarious

    • Eileen

      I can actually see her wearing #3 as-is…

    • woo

      Moar bandage-ey! Moar titties! Moar moar moar!

    • Zoe

      Am I crazy or do I distinctly remember her already being married a few months back? She wore a Grecian styled dress. Was that not her wedding? I just saw it on tabloid covers in the supermarket and assumed.

      I am officially sad that wedding stylists have already retired sleeves again which were fashionable for a hot minute after Kate Middleton’s wedding dress and Pippa’s bridesmaid dress. I was at Priscilla of Boston a few months back when my sister started dress shopping and we were both elated to see them as she’s having a religious wedding and needed sleeves.