Gallery: See Karl Lagerfeld’s Complete Collection For Macy’s

After getting just a taste here and there–sketches and a tiny shot from Vogue–we can finally behold Karl Lagerfeld’s affordable capsule collection for Macy’s. As promised, there’s lots of masculine lines and floaty, feminine dresses. There’s also plenty of Karl himself: he appears on graphic print t-shirts while the stiff, starched-looking collars and short leather gloves (and more) echo his iconic style. And thanks to prolific blogger Coco Rocha, here’s the campaign:

The collection hits Macy’s stores later this month.

(All images from The Cut)

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    • Cassieleigh

      I must own the blouse on slide 2 and the dress on slide 15.

    • Vera

      I would not buy any of these clothes. The models are too thin, its a complete turn off to anything they are wearing. Maybe Karl should consider some curvy models next season.

    • Maris

      The dress on slide 4 will be perfect for my Wednesday Addam’s costume this Halloween.

    • mimi

      love them!! Do you think that these pieces will sell out? I can’t remember if his collab with H+M did.