Shopping Guide: The “New” Hi-Low Hemmed Dress

Hi(gh)-low hemmed dresses–or mullet dresses as they are sometimes called–are usually associated with the obnoxious wedding dresses and prom gowns of the ’80s. But designers have now deconstructed the image of these bi-level beauties. They’ve added grungy, edgy touches for a more modern feel. The hi-low dress is the Billy Ray Cyrus of the fashion world, in the best way possible.

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    • Chickalupe

      Hi Jillian, the main body of the post seems to have a dress not featured in the article; which sucks since it was the one I liked the look of the most. What about the dress on the ‘first page’ of this article that’s shown on the farthest right? Bright floral, strapless, and (what appears to be) a ruffle on the hem of the high/low part? Or… am I just crazy, and it’s actually in the article? :/