Thylane Blondeau’s Mother Responds To Media Frenzy

French TV presenter turned clothing designer Veronika Loubry has responded to the controversy surrounding photos of her daughter, 10-year-old model Thylane Blondeau. Loubry has closed Thylane’s official Facebook page (to the public) with the following message:

hey guys im the mum of thylane something going ‘s wrong at the moment with thylane and bad personn in usa about pictures she make’s 8 months ago for vogue ,,thylane doesn’t know about the buzz and i want to protect her from the deapest of my heart ,,, she’s so young ,, so we are going to close this accompte for a while ,,i know all of you are good person who like her so i send you a big kiss,,thanks

The Tumblr dedicated to her has also been shut down.

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    • Jen

      Good mum.

      • Stuart Harrold

        You know, the president of Yahoo. Look up models on Yahoo. Type in any age, you’d be surprised at “how” and many, young girls on YAHOO, now, ok. Like they really care!!!!! What I am trying to say is if you want to see young girls–they’re all over yahoo. That’s OK, but when this girl does it, its an outrage. Just go look at yahoo, type in “ANY” age, and there are pictures. And that is Yahoo. Hum???

    • personn

      Who is the “bad personn in usa”?

      Or did she mean bad “people” as in everyone who found some of the photos inappropriate and were concerned for the girl? If so, does that really make them bad? Why would she feel the need to demonize them especially by saying they’re “in usa”?

      Wow, tons of questions, sorry. Whatever her deal is, I’m glad she started looking out for her child. I thought the tumblr was a bit much.

    • Kat

      She’s writing in English which is clearly her second language. I don’t think she’s trying to demonize people in the USA. I think she’s trying to say it is people in the USA that have created a controvesy regarding images of her daughter. The images didn’t create a controversy in France.

    • personn


      Thanks for the response! You’re right, maybe “demonize” is too strong of a word and I definitely got that English is not her first language. I do still think the phrase has a little bit of a “f*ck you, evil Americans ruin everything” aftertaste to it (again, that’s my opinion), which I just thought was unnecessary. I saw some comments here on The Gloss from people claiming to not be Americans but they still found the pictures inappropriate. I believe you in that there wasn’t “controversy” in France but it may have raised an eyebrow or two, who knows!

      Unless she’s talking about someone specific who is bad, which was my first question.

      • AitchCS

        You mean NOT ONE person in France spoke up about this kind not being a very good thing?!

    • Lulu

      If the images are not sexual then why should a 10 year old sell lipstick and size 2 stilletos? If the images are not sexual then we could easily suggest an 80 year old in stilletos and lipstick for Vogue…You as a mother have crossed the line. The only question left, did you willingly do it?

    • AitchCS

      yes I agree with Veronika—she is so young!

    • AJ

      Everyone needs to stop freaking out. The second a little girl puts on a little bit of lip gloss, the world goes into overload and says that she’s a child prostitute. Sure it’s wrong to over expose her, but if there’s balance and the child likes doing it, then there’s no problem.

      • Victoria

        Some children don’t understand that sexual attention towards them is the good kind. This is why they aren’t allowed to consent to sex. They don’t really understand what they’re consenting too. This child doesn’t have the ability to decide whether or not it’s appropriate to make a sexual magazine spread, or that it will happen that adults gratify themselves with her photo. It’s a creepy situation, and the mass revulsion felt says something good for us as a global society.

    • Catherine

      She’s 10. Tarting her up like as if she’s just a mini-sized adult lingerie model and keeping a Facebook page for her adult fans is disturbing. Why exactly does the fashion world need to overlap with the child porn industry, and why exactly are Americans oh-so-prudish for pointing out that shaping a prepubescent child into a sex symbol is a poor choice for the child’s life? I don’t think that’s really a very controversial statement. 10-year-olds aren’t old enough for sex and cannot consent to it, and they aren’t old enough to be considered sexually-attractive by consenting adults. I daresay most people would agree with that statement without hesitation. Why then, in ANY country, would a parent think it wise to dress and photograph (for mass media publication, nonetheless) a child of that age in a way that evokes a sense of sexuality that the child cannot even understand? The child needs an advocate, and her parent doesn’t seem to be fit for the job.

    • Neggie

      Okay, so to all of you who say the photos of Thylane are repulsive and offensive and tout that because she’s a child she knows not what’s being done to her, I have one question.

      Who is the criminal here? The parents who allow their daughter to prosper on her talent and beauty in regards to fashion photography or the men and women who think of children as sexual beings?

      In my understanding, the only way to not be a pedophile is to not desire children as sexual partners. Restricting non-conventional photography of children whom have parental guidance and permission during the photo-shoots will not prevent pedophiles from being pedophiles.

      It also will not start an epidemic of pedophiles. I highly doubt anyone is going to see these photographs and have the epiphany that they consider children as sexual beings and would very much like to involve themselves in illicit behavior with a child.

      Get off your high horses and let people be who they are. These parents are not bad people just because they don’t conform to what you believe is acceptable behavior.

      • Catherine

        I’d actually say that her parents are idiots for doing this to their daughter and that pedophiles who act upon their urges are criminals. I’d say Thylane is certainly a victim of parental idiocy and almost as certainly the victim of internet child-porn surfers, though I hope with all my heart that she is never victimized directly by an adult with criminal intentions. I don’t really mind if her parents want to “be who they are” if they want to pose for the camera. I just wish they’d wait about 8 years to find out who their daughter would like to be instead of defining her in this way at such a young age, and leaving her stuck with their decision to plaster her prepubescent body all over the internet. She will never be able to get those photos back when she is old enough to decide for herself whether they are consistent with the kind of adult she wants to be, and that’s really sad.

      • Jennifer

        I find this comment completely naive:
        ” I highly doubt anyone is going to see these photographs and have the epiphany that they consider children as sexual beings and would very much like to involve themselves in illicit behavior with a child.”

        By law our state (and maybe other states too) have to disclose all registered pedofiles (this does not include pedofiles who’ve never been caught) and where they live. I happen to live in a very safe community with extremely low crime and it’s disturbing to see how many pedofiles still live in our area. (see my comment above)

      • Jennifer

        Sorry, I tried to leave you a comment, but it didn’t post in the correct spot. Please see comment by Jennifer below. I felt a comment above too. :0)

    • Jennifer

      She is beautiful no doubt about it. Although as a mum of three children and a person with common sense, I would like to think that none of us are naive enough to believe that there isn’t at least one (if not hundreds/thousands) of pedofiles through out the world who use a photo of Thylane to arouse their sexual desires from start to finish. You know exactly what I’m talking about & you know darn well that it happens daily. Just curious, are you okay with it? Oh, I’m sure it happens all the time with pedo’s getting their “nightly fix” with a cute photo of Elle Fanning in hand among many others. Just writing this completely disgusts me more than I can put into words. I’ve been a parent for 10 years and not ONCE have I put a front face photo of my kids online for the world to see because pedofiles have no limits. I mean come on people, somebody’s got to be thinking this through! These are precious children we are talking about and we as a society are saying that “there’s nothing wrong with putting photos out there to arouse child predators.” No we can’t change the craziness of the world, but this is something we CAN control and say NO to! Even mommy bloggers out there need to realize that some of the most faithful “followers” of their blogs might just be SICK people who really enjoy seeing the adorable pictures posted of their children. If you are one that still doesn’t see the harm in putting photos out there for pedofiles to use for their pleasure, well I don’t even know what to say…

      • Catherine

        I agree wholeheartedly. Thank God for parents who consider the safety and privacy of their children as more important than being able to cash in on beauty, and kudos to you for recognizing the vulnerability of images posted online for all to see.

    • Linda

      Since I realise that one can’t control what who does to whichever image (whether that be of a child or an adult), my concern is not necessarily with the fact that many a paedophile might use the image of a child for sexual purposes.

      I am more concerned about the impact of this lifestyle on the child. Lisa Simpson puts it so beautifully in one of the classic Simpson episodes where she is confronted with a character played by Lisa Kudrow, who is Lisa’s age, but dresses like a mini-grown-up – in cocktail dresses with matching heels and handbags, and expensive perfume. Lisa Simpson realises that she likes being a little girl for now, and that the time they have for running around barefoot for days without taking baths or combing their hair is a very small window period in their lives. She chooses to stay a child for as long as she possibly can.

      Is it really fair to take these little beings out of a relatively carefree era of their lives and plunge them into a world of rushing from one photo shoot to the next, saying the correct things to the correct people at exactly the right time, and exposing them to an industry that is well known for it’s tendency to swallow even grown men and women whole and spit them out half digested?

      Your childhood is one thing that you cannot get back, and as Madonna put it at Michael Jacksons memorial: We may spend our whole lives searching for what we lost when we were children.

      I realise that we live in a world that prizes success above most things. By modern day standards Blondeau is on her way to becoming a very successful star. But I would hope that we are also starting to realise that there are more important things in this world than money, sex and power. I would hope that Blondeau still gets given the time to act her age until she’s able to discover for herself what these things are.

    • Natasha

      All of you are very stupid, pedophile are attracted to kids no to kids who look like adult so learn before you post stupid comments, and in here in Europe, we are use to seeing little girls with not top, and when I saw this picture I did not tough sex, I tough was very cute if you see Thylane like this and you think sex there most be a big problem with you not thylane or her parents, sorry for bad english but I am Russian and live in France since I was 9.

    • Joey

      Pedobear approves.