Poll: Do You Ask Friends To Help You Move?

Helping a friend move, many say, is like giving them a ride to the airport: you have to do it, because eventually you will need the same kind of assistance.

But let’s be real — we all hate helping people move. And the more shit we accumulate, the less appropriate it becomes to ask for reinforcements. It may have been all well and good when the only things you had to your name were a beanbag chair and a couple of books, but that heavy wood armoire you just purchased as one of your first big adult buys is next to impossible to transport for anyone besides professionals.

That said, I’m curious:

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    • Nina

      Does it make me a bad friend if I hate it when a friend EXPECTS me to help them move..?

    • Jamie Peck

      After a certain age, I think it’s kind of obnoxious to ask your friends to help you. If you can afford to pay for movers, I think you should. They will do a much better and faster job than your weak little friends, anyway. Tip them well, they deserve it!

      • EKS


    • MsBorgia

      I’m still in grad school, so I can have my friends help me move a roomful of stuff and give them pizza and beer in return. Hooray for prolonged adolescence!

    • Rachel

      We hired professional movers last time we moved and it was so worth the $800. It was great to have someone else do the heavy lifting, truck driving and elevator waiting. Especiallynwhen dealing with a highrise building and limited service elevator time. When we move again the cost of movers is just what it costs. Friends could never move as quickly and easily as movers, and when friends help you, you still have to lift things.