Friday Style Icon: Stacey Dash as Dionne from Clueless

Clueless is one of those iconic movies that got the details right: in addition to all the memorable lines, necessary soundtrack and weirdly relateable high school drama, we remember the boas, the fuzzy pens (!), the plastic hats, the outrageous athletic wear… but Clueless is genuinely great (not just guilty pleasure great) because it manages to be a movie about spoiled, self-absorbed SoCal airheads that are still… loveable, decent people. Remember Cher’s epiphany: “Later, while we were learning about the Pismo Beach diaster, I decided I needed a complete make-over, except this time I’d make-over my soul. But what makes someone a better person? And then I realized, all my friends were really good in different ways. Like, Christian, he always wants things to be beautiful and interesting. Or Dionne and Murray, when they think no one is watching, are so considerate of each other. And poor Miss Giest, always trying to get us involved, no matter how much we resist?”

But this is Friday Style Icon, not Friday Secretly Compassionate Icon. It’s hard choosing between Cher, Amber, Dionne and Tai, but Dionne doesn’t get near enough love for her excellent checked skirt suits, nose rings and color fearlessness. So: crazy plastic hats off to you, Dionne and you, Stacey Dash, who has managed not to age a day since this movie came out.

And here’s some background music, for while you click:

“Alright” by Supergrass (my personal favorite from the soundtrack)

“Change” by the Lightning Seeds (is a close second)

“Kids in America” by the Muffs

And, of course, “Supermodel” by Jill Sobule

(Photos from this Clueless-obsessed Tumblog, Our Daily Fashion)

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    • tygris

      great post!! loved that movie.