Where Did You Cheat?

We assume that almost all TheGloss readers are loyal and faithful in a way that puts puppies to shame. But we recently read this study on where men are most likely to cheat. Those places are:

  • Wedding: 32 percent
  • Bachelor party: 27 percent
  • Office Christmas party: 21 percent
  • School reunion: 9 percent

The writer concludes:

So what is the answer? Here’s what: Don’t let your man go alone to a wedding! Seriously. Even if you totally trust your man, like I do. At my own wedding, there were more illicit hookups than one can even imagine. Though I won’t reveal names, I wasn’t all that thrilled with most of them.

Remove the temptation. Trust me on this.

Hahaha, she’s joking. Oh. No. She isn’t! Well, never mind that, then. Though presumably if men are cheating left and right at weddings, some women might be cheating at them as well. I mean, we would hold out for a ball at St. Petersburg where we met Vronsky and saw his shiny, shiny teeth (hah, no we wouldn’t, boyfriends, JUST KIDDING) but in the event that you were to cheat, would it be at one of those places? Have you cheated? When? Tell us about it in exciting detail!

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    • Fabel

      Ooh this will be fun! Except the places I’ve cheated don’t fit into neat little categories like WEDDING, OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY, ETC. My most interesting story of infidelity: When I cheated on my college boyfriend with his suitemate at a party where ALL of the boyfriend’s friends were at, but none of them told him. And I kept cheating with the same dude all semester (in room next door to my BF) AND HE NEVER FOUND OUT (until a few months later, when he found pictures on my computer of me & the other dude at the party making out–why did I not delete them?)

    • endn

      foreign countries, especially a hot exotic one.

    • Lindsey

      I would never cheat because I am not a coward. Also, I am in an open relationship and I believe it would be damn near impossible to cheat in one of those.

    • M

      I have never cheated but I have been The Other Woman. One I met taking night classes while I still lived with my parents, so we were generally in his car or mine. The other is someone I dated before he ended up in a relationship with someone else and, like before they were together, we only ever hooked up at his office [it was conveniently located and had a big-screen TV with a DVD player and Tivo, a single bathroom, a dartboard, a puffy cat, and a comfy futon that he crashed on frequently; all the amenities of home, basically].