Vivienne Westwood Agrees With Me About Kate Middleton’s Eye Make-Up

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one with concerns over the Duchess of Cambridge’s eye make-up application techniques. In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, none other than Vivienne Westwood weighed in on what we once deemed Middleton eyes. According to the Telegraph:

“I think she’s got a problem with eye make-up! The sharp line around her eyes makes her look hard. Either she should be smudgy or wear none.”

Thank you. I love Kate, but honestly, her eye make-up is so 1997. I’m truly — truly! — amazed that nothing has been done about it yet. Don’t they have a royal make-up consultant? A royal “bring your look up to speed” specialist? A royal “time to pry your look out of the last decade, however terror-inducing that may be, you’re now in line to be the Queen of England” expert?


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    • Isabel


    • Kelly

      She just needs to take it off the bottom. Then she’d be fine.

    • Kay

      I don’t see anything wrong with her makeup. It’s not something I would wear but I think it works for her.

    • Catherine

      I think she looks fine. Also, um, have you googled any photos of VIVIENNE WESTWOOD? I mean, talk about a woman who looks “hard.” Phrases like “she’s lived a hard life” and “rode hard and put up wet” come to mind when scanning the Google Image results. Geez, lady. She should look in the mirror before doling out makeup tips.

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        Oh really, “Catherine??”

    • Victoria

      english women/girls love the all around the eye black liner look.

      • Meghan

        That’s true, it is a very English look, but unfortunately that’s what makes Americans think she looks “Common.” We expect royalty, even BRITISH royalty, to subscribe to our American standards of beauty i.e. look like a Kardashian. And I have to side with Kate on this one…even though it wouldn’t be too much of a leap because her name already begins with a K…. NO DON’T DO IT KATE!!!!

      • Amy

        Yep, it’s a very English thing. I love it – I think it’s a very sexy, slightly sultry look. It makes me long for London town and all the glam street fashion. It’s a more chic, feminine look than the cult of “natural” (which looks totally unnatural – omg, the Kardashians!!! someone confiscate their makeup now) that you get in the US.

        Now that blue eyshadow that the brits like, that’s another story …

    • Emily

      I once read a story about Diana and blue eyeliner. She started wearing it in her teens and loved the look and insisted on wearing it on her wedding day. She even snuck her own pencil in and applied it after the make up artist had finished. She was still really docile at that point and it was the only thing she refused to give on. Later, as she became a style icon, she stopped wearing it all the time.

      I just think it’s an interesting coincidence that Diana and Kate are both so committed to eyeliner