Justin Bieber’s F-Bomb T-Shirt: How Do You Feel?

Recently, Justin Bieber set parental tongues a-waggin’ by dropping the f-bomb without saying a word. While shopping on Sunset Blvd. (holla Justin, give me a cawl next time) the Biebs was spotted wearing a t-shirt that said:


We may all recognize the poetry that is this lyric from the classic tune, “Fuck You.” Even despite the fact that this f-bomb was dropped in the name of art appreciation, though, panties among the worlds’ parents appear to have become knotted. From the website Cafe Mom, in a post titled “Shocking Justin Bieber T-Shirt Sends the Wrong Message:”

…wearing this shirt shows that Justin Bieber is forgetting something very, very important.

You’ve no doubt heard the saying, To whom much has been given, much is expected.

Well, there exists a pop star variation on this directive: To whom many billions of dollars have been given from the pockets of parents whose children are suffering from Bieber-fever, a little common courtesy is expected.

Here’s the thing: For better or worse, Justin Bieber is a trendsetter. Now all the kids are going to want to wear this shirt! And just in time for back-to-school, too. Great. I can’t think of a better way to make an impression on the new teacher.

So. What do you think? Is this a petulant shirking of his responsibilities as a teen pop star, or a sort-of-amusing, if highly orchestrated, rebellion from the Justin Bieber machine?

[via Styleite]

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    • Heidi

      Anyone who gives money to a sixteen-year-old expecting them to somehow not be a sixteen-year-old deserves what she gets.

    • Magda

      As much influence as he has over the children of suburbia aside, the Beebs is still a kid himself and going to slip up at times. Also, as its a shirt that is clearly a pop culture statement, I dont really see it as being a big deal.

      However, I am not a parent. So maybe if I had my 8 year old requesting a similar shirt I might feel different. But then I think that thats when acctually being a “parent” should happen and its the parents job to explain what is or is not ok and why.

      Like I doubt that if her[the blogger at Cafe Mom] 16 year old nephew walked in wearing the same shirt she might tsk or cluck her tongue, but it wouldnt be a big deal.

      And, if you’re letting your kids listen to pop music that isnt a la Kids Bop Rockz then they are probably exposed to way worse things then the “F-word” thinnly veiled with an (*). Like when you hear a four year old singing Rihanna’s song “S & M” then I think its an issue.

    • Jenni

      I agree with Magda. There are worse things out there than Cee Lo Green’s song, and I actually think Fuck You is a great song. It is true to it’s message, and aside from the fucks and shits flying through the song, it is actually pretty clean. Not like a bunch of rap song and pop songs out there that talk about sex in veiled ways. I hate ‘California Gurls,’ especially the ‘melt your Popsicle’ part. I’ve heart 8 year olds singing that song!
      Personally, I am of the opinion that celebs can have a personal life, and they can make choices in their lives that are purely for them and not for their fans. Does that mean that Bieber can always wear something like this? No. But it does mean that he can wear whatever he wants when he goes out on errands (which is what it looks like he was doing here). He isn’t wearing this shirt to a concert, so, to me, it is no big deal.

    • Geenie

      He’s 18 get over it