Katie Shillingford Got Married, Wore Ridiculously Beautiful Dress

It pays to be a fashion editor; style follows you everywhere. As it happens, the fantastically stylish fashion editor of Dazed & Confused, Katie Shillingford (she of the excellent hair), got married last week and wore a wedding gown by her college buddy. …Her college buddy named Gareth Pugh. I don’t need to editorialize much here, because I think the dress is so absurdly beautiful that it speaks for itself and you should just look at the photos. The slashed gray chiffon gown was romantic, muted goth elegance in a single perfect piece. She paired it with a gorgeous Stephen Jones veil.

Anyway, Shillingford wed Alex Dromgoole at Eltham Palace in Greenwich, England (where Henry VIII grew up). She looked amazing. Here are some photos.

(via Syleite, anOther)

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    • Cassieleigh

      Not to troll, but that dress looks more like a death shroud. Awful.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Some people like death shrouds!

      • Dee

        I agree. Looks like a cat used it to sharpen his claws :(

    • kjon

      I like Gareth Pugh (LOVE Rick Owens) and I think she looks beautiful! Not in a traditional ‘blushing bride’ way but maybe more in a Daphne Guinness way. I probably couldn’t work it though. It’s a beautiful shade a gray, too.

    • Naomi

      Gorgeous! I could see Eva Green doing this as well.
      She’s stunning. Features like a porcelain doll, I tell you.

    • Abbey

      Couldn’t agree more, eek!

      • Abbey

        This comment was @ Cassieleigh but the reply did not work for some reason…

    • EKS

      actually, this is hideous. fine for an editorial, but looks like a costume when worn in ‘real’ life.

    • Leo

      The Addams Family wedding! Unflattering dress, but the bridal party looks worse.

    • Stephanie Zhao

      I thought it looked really pretty in the 4th slide.

    • Beverly

      Bride was beautiful, dress (and bridesmaids dresses) were hideous. To each their own though. As long as she felt beautiful on that special day.

    • Daisy

      As a stand-alone fashion shoot it looks gorgeous, like a museum object. But not all museum objects would look suitable in your living room, simply because they are a work of art on their own. I think that, as for a wedding, she may have wished to chose something more….conventional. It does look like the Corpse Bride