Video: How To Take Your Outfit From Day To Night And Night To Day. For Real.

Everyone at TheGloss has read about a hundred “helpful” articles on how you can transform your dowdy daytime wear into sparkling nighttime attire. It usually involves crazy hijinks like removing your jacket! Sometimes putting on earrings!

All of that it bullshit, because you are now simply wearing your Applebee’s uniform with earrings. You look foolish. It looks like flair. We decided to make a video showing how you should really transition from daywear to nightwear and back again so you can tramp around in style.

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    • Jamie Peck

      I <3 Jennifer's video alter ego.

    • Malkovich

      Thank God – someone who realizes day to night ONLY really works with a different dress.

    • Quin

      That was amusing and pointless and that black dress is very pretty.

    • Jessica Ogilvie

      That’s awesome.

    • mommap

      this video was hilarious …your humor is so cutting edge that i think only smart people can truly understand how funny and clever it is.

    • Mary

      “You are like a John Hughes villain.”
      So wonderful.

    • Stephanie Zhao

      LOLOL! This video is hilarious! You look a lot like Anne Hathaway. :D

    • MM


    • Melanie

      Man, I was really hoping this would be about how to snaz up after 5 hours in the dish pit at Applebee’s. (Hint: It involves one of those free samplers of perfume from the department store and a $10 swimsuit cover-up dress from Target. PRESTO, you are fancy, poor person!)