Video: ‘Viral’ Maxi Pad Commercial Misunderstands Drag Queens, Women, Humor

Maxi Pad company Always has released a “viral” video that they think will make people want to buy their product, and I’m not sure who approved it but it’s kind of ridiculous. The message of the commercial seems to be “drag queens aren’t real women and they are sad about this fact, so you should feel happy your entire lower half is in pain because at least you don’t have a penis.” LOL WUT?

First, this ad seems to conflate drag queens with transgendered people. As I understand it, drag queens are pretty happy to be men, because otherwise they wouldn’t be drag queens anymore, and then they’d all have to find new hobbies. Most, I imagine, are gay men who are comfortable with their particular gender and sexuality, while some are straight or bi. One fun fact about gay men is that they are men. I don’t think any of them stay up all night wishing they had vaginas to bleed out of, because then their boyfriends would dump them and they’d be lonely.

There are, however, people who feel like they were born in the wrong bodies, and they are called transgendered people. Some of them want to get a sex change operation but lack the resources to do so, and this can cause extreme psychological distress, even suicide. I would imagine that most of us emotional, empathetic menstruators feel sad about this, not smug. Do you think I am some kind of monster who wants to lord my cisgendered status over someone who has it harder than me, Always? Not to mention, there are biological women who don’t have periods. Are they not women?

What if this were a commercial for jockstraps, with the tagline “you might get hit in the nuts sometimes, but at least you’re not a broad, amirite fellas?” Because that’s an analogous situation to this one. Nice try guys, but I’m still not super stoked on my monthly bleed out. Maybe next time try to make me feel good about being a woman via something other than cisgender privilege or, um, the fact that I get all weepy, bloated and bloody once a month.

(Via Copyranter)

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    • Eve

      You put it perfectly. This is so stupid.

    • Ali

      Ridiculous, ugh. Not to mention the misuse of a wonderful song.

    • Nicole

      Utterly ridiculous.. and quite frankly, disgusting. Advertising like this terrifies me! Why are people with such a glaring lack of perspective and awareness allowed to broadcast their idiotic ideas to impressionable minds?

    • Colleen

      I’m a genetic, straight female. I sing in a weekly drag show in a gay bar. Until I moved in with my boyfriend, I lived with a drag queen. I am close friends with several transgendered people – both FTM and MTF, drag queens, lesbians, gay men, bisexual people, straight people, and confused people. This should be offensive to everyone. Especially because regardless of your gender identity, no one WANTS a period. They’re inconvenient and annoying and sometimes interfere with sexy-time with my boyfriend. Lame.

      The video sure did its job though. I’m going viral with it and encouraging all my menstrual-capable friends not to buy Always products from now on.