Red Carpet Rundown: The Many Ugly Dresses Of The Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards have occurred. As this was such a significant moment in teen culture, we’ve put together a gallery of what attendees wore. A very reverential treatment of Blake Lively, a Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Rupert Grint, Selena Gomez and more ahead.

(Photos via Getty)

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    • Taylor

      i was so disappointed with the shit dresses of the teen choice awards. taylor swift looks like shes going to her eighth grade dance in a jc penny juniors clearance section dress coupled with the “i did my own makeup with my moms avon palette” tacky ass blue eye shadow.

    • Sara

      Sure Taylor Swift may not be wearing up to the minute fashion trends, but she stays true to her own style and wears outifts that you know she chose and loves. That’s why her look is so perfect for the teen choice awards.

      • Drew

        Girl that’s not the problem here. Taylor is wearing an incredibly ugly dress, with all that rhinestones around her waist and bridesmaid dress cutting and unflattering chest (looks like her boobs were flattened by a pan) and ugly halter that shortened her neck to nothingness.

    • Jon

      The girls should count themselves lucky Emma Watson wasn’t there to show them how its done. smdh

    • Joyce

      Why is Kim Kardashian attending the Teen Choice Awards? Oh , yeah, she might have been nominated for “best jerking off material”.