Holy F*ck: These Hand-Painted Flip-Flops Cost $18,000



Okay, so they’re hand-painted by an artist. And “for a good cause.” According to Mogulite (who have the press release):

Each (slightly psychedelic) ‘flop is hand-pained by noted Los Angeles artist David Palmer. [...] The proceeds to help protect 100,000 square feet of endangered rainforest land.

I guess tacking an environmentalist slant on this is how you get away with charging $18,000 for flip-flops. Or, maybe (because there’s an artist involved!) it’s some kind of scathing commentary of consumer culture? Or it’s just fucking dumb. One of those.

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    • Tana

      Or they know the press will cover a story over some asshole who think his run of the mill flip flops are worth the down payment of my condo when he could raise just as much money by mass manufacturing these at 18 bucks a pop. I fucking hate flip flops almost as much as I hate egomaniacs like these.