Lauren Bush Will Be Married Soon And Going By ‘Lauren Bush Lauren’

Model/socialite Lauren Bush–who’ll marry David Lauren, son of Ralph, next month–will henceforth be known as Lauren Bush Lauren. So, she’s owning it. The bride-to-be has previously described herself as “old-fashioned” and expressed that she wanted to take her husband’s last name.

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    • sara

      Umm..yikes. I had a friend who ended up being Robin Hobbins post marriage. This is worse!

      Its her choice, personally I would have altered my first name and gone Lara Bush Lauren or Laura Lauren-Bush. I guess either way its funny!

    • August S.

      She should have gone the Prince-route and incorporated a symbol! Lauren Bush Lauren is awkward, but Lauren² is so awesome she would’ve been banned from several fly-over states for excessive sexy. Missed opportunity, LBL. Missed opportunity.