Real Talk: Who Was Your First Crush?

We could also call this Real Talk “the first time we encountered withering romantic disappointments that have left us scarred for life” but we’re trying to keep things upbeat, you know? Also, some of our first crushes set helpful precedents for our dating lives later! So it’s not all water-fountain vomit.

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    • Bree C

      My first crush was John Smith from ‘Pochahontas.’ I only recently discovered that he was voiced by Mel Gibson and my world fell apart… haha :)

    • Alle Malice

      My first crush was on Astroboy. I liked his big eyes and pointy hair and the fact that he never wore a shirt, I guess? Even four-year-old me was a perve.

    • Magda

      It was kindergarten. The principal walked in during class to announce that we had a new student joining the class… He had a bowl cut and he was russian and I was in love. All the way through the third grade when Michael Pesah came to our school. And then My fickle heart changed who it raced for.

    • Karen

      Grizzly Adams was a total fur-laden dreamboat. Am I right? Oh yeah.

    • Tana

      Oh god, her name was Cami McCurdy. She had chestnut colored ringlets, gorgeous green eyes, and forever scraped knees. We were in the lunch line together one day and she let me buy her a chocolate milk; so I figured this meant we were together. I told everyone at recess that she was my girlfriend- when Cami heard that she walked over to me and asked me if I had a “hose”; I said no; and she said that if I wasn’t a boy I couldn’t have a girlfriend. I totally did not understand that concept; but I spent the next ten years sleeping with “hoses” because of it.

    • Jinx

      Mine was Brian from BSB too! *high-fives Anna*

    • Rose

      Mine was Dean Kane aka Clark Kent aka Superman. I remember watching the television at a distance that I could feel the static bouncing off my face.

    • Lauren

      My first crush was in first grade. The new boy in school, Danny. He had a New York accent, therefore making him special (I live in CT, but most of my family lives and is from NYC so I’m guess that’s why the New York accent stuck out for me). And I loved him until we graduated high school, even though by then I had a boyfriend I was very much in love with. We were only friends, for 11 years until we went our separate colleges and I haven’t heard from him (or of him) since. To this day I would probably say yes if I saw him and he asked me out.

    • Odbery

      Do animated ones count? Because seven-year-old me thought Darien from Sailor Moon was perfect. Even with his pink pants.

      • Rose

        Darien was perfect to seven-year-old me too! But I had a weird thing for Amy’s cram school buddy Greg from the first season.

        Ah nerds.

    • Gracie

      orlando bloo/legolas from lotr. I was 9 :)

    • Leah

      Uncle Jesse from Full House. I still tend to date guys who are the hipster equivalent of him.

    • LaLa

      Yes! Rex Harrison!

    • Noellia

      I was absolutely in love with the rat from Chuck E. Cheese (positively head over heels for the poor person stuffed into a rat suit) I’m a 90′s child, but I also wonder if I missed some crucial part in my development as a human being to fall in love with cartoon animals at such an early age. I also remember being starstruck by the main characters from Swat Kats! I can still reclaim some of the bits of memory my child brain would create in which me and the characters would hold hands and act how I thought couples would act. (Mind you, I did have a few human crushes, but the character’s name stick out better in my mind). Its hard to say if the mentality carried on to my preferences in men now, but looking back on this has definitely brightened my day! (Er, night.)

    • Jenny

      Robert Carlyle as Hamish Macbeth. I was 6 and I used to watch the show every Friday night with my mum.
      Around the same time I had a real-life crush, too. Corey Cowick. I loved him for a year and have despised him the rest of the time. When we were 12 and 13, he was the one person who could always make me cry, usually by insults. Now he’s about to break into the NHL and be a hotshot. I still hate him.

    • Arnie

      Year Two. I was seven, and he was in the year above me. He had dark curly hair, and was nice to me when the rest of the school called me Chicken Pox Girl. I thought I was so subtle, following him to the library, sitting next to him (in a chair that was really only meant for one person), and trying to read the same book as him.

    • Chickalupe

      My first crush was on Zorro, played by Guy Williams from the old black & white TV show in the 50′s. I saw the reruns when I was around 4 or 5, and swooned helplessly. I would get all hyper and excited whenever it would come on the Disney Channel back in the day, like , “Don Diego’s on! Zorro is coming!” It was slightly weird. :)