Jessica Stam’s Beauty Regimen: Old Spice, Herbal Essences & Eye Balm

The beautiful Canadian top model (and Meisel muse) Jessica Stam just shared a thorough breakdown of her beauty regime and, man, is it unsurprisingly low-maintenance:

- She uses men’s deodorant (Old Spice, to be exact)
-She puts balm on her eyelids if she’s not wearing makeup, “just for a little sheen”
-…And on her eyelashes (if she foregoes mascara)
-She loves Egyptian Magic (like everyone ever)
-She takes Viviscal supplements for her hair and claims it works wonders
-She uses Herbal Essences shampoo
-And, of course, she eats “whatever [she] wants.” [Granted: she does so "in moderation" and has a trainer]

Definitely go read her full breakdown at Into The Gloss, which is both awesomely lowkey and admirably inexpensive (for the most part).

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    • Claire

      I just read the full article over at Into The Gloss. Yes, she did say she eats “whatever [she] wants,” but right after that she said, “I just believe everything in moderation.” She also said, “I go running outside and I work out with a trainer, and I eat pretty normally.” The way you quoted her/the original article made it sound like she was yet another model saying they eat whatever they want when they’re actually on some crazy diet. What she actually said – exercise, eat normally, everything in moderation – sounds like a pretty healthy and sane approach.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I wasn’t trying to misquote her deliberately, but I see it looks that way. My fault.

        …However, I guess I kind of assume when people read “such and such a model eats whatever she wants” they automatically take that to mean “in moderation” and “with the help of an army of trainers and nutritionists.”

    • adrianne

      I always admire pretty ladies who uses low-maintenance beauty stuff but still remain stunning as ever.