Which Of These Flyers Is More Offensive?

We were fishing around on Passive Agressive Notes and came across these two fliers. The first one is for a fly fishing class taught by a woman. Here it is:

Now, this strikes me as sort of ludicrous in its own right given that fly fishing doesn’t seem like an activity you’d feel “unsafe” around male instructors for. I mean, I perfer having a female doctor (because of naked lady time) but other than that, I’ve never really thought that I have a specific male/female instructor preference. It also seems like making it seem like women would only be able to learn to fly fish if they have a female instructor is something of a disservice to women in general. Goddammit, I could learn fly fishing if taught by the flies alone! They’re all I need! But then they’re this:

I guess you could say this flyer was only reacting the other one, but it’s more obviously offensive, yes? Because fly fishing is a skill, and men are not necessarily better at it! I guess what I’m saying is “both these flyers are dumb, the gender of your fly fishing instructor really shouldn’t matter that terribly much.”

So. Which one seems more bothersome?

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    • Hanna

      I actually think the guy version is meant as kind of a joke, I find the girl’s version a lot worse.

    • Elle

      Way to miss the point of the first one. A lot of times, women find it hard to partake in activities that are mostly male-dominated, because men tend to have very condescending attitudes towards women, or will attempt to flirt with them or speak over them. A woman’s fly-fishing class sounds perfectly reasonable for a woman who wants to learn, but is afraid of men not taking her seriously because she’s just a girl.

      Do you also find women’s colleges offensive? Or female only gyms, or self-defense classes that are for women only? Because there is a very real need for those to exist.

      • sara

        I second this!! Seriously, men can be so condescending to women in male-dominated arenas and it’s always nice to have the option to do that stuff with women.

        And the second one was just a funny, harmless play on the other won.

        Good lord..I don’t find these offensive at all.

    • Abigail

      I think that you’re being self-righteous and a bit annoying with regard to the first ad. She was offering a service to women who might not want to spend all their time hanging out with men on a river (done it- it’s not fun). She wasn’t trying to be sexist. The man was clearly making a joke to catch your attention, and wasn’t trying to be sexist either.

      Is it just me, or are women getting obnoxiously sex-aware lately? Good lord, get a life!

      • Audrey

        Yes! That is exactly right. I don’t find either of these offensive at all, and I agree that so many women today are too quick to cry wolf about anything that mentions gender.

    • Lindsey

      I see it like, this woman is trying to sell a service and she’s marketing herself to women. I think she’s probably trying to make fly-fishing a ‘ladies night out’ sort of thing, like she’s trying to lure (get it? A fishing pun!) a group of non-fishing womanz out for a weekend. Like, an alternative to woman taking a pottery or cooking class for funsies?

    • August S.

      What’s the blue ink-drawing that’s been added to the first flier? I can’t decide if it’s a beer can on a stick (a ludicrous invention, but I’ve seen odder on QVC) or a dollar bill. Except if it’s a bill, it appears to be one where the traditional face-of-an-important-figure-in-American-History has been replaced by….Pac-Man!

      I think it’s offensive that we don’t have Pac-Man currency in real life. Whoever defaced the original flier is a visionary (although probably a misogynistic one, since putting the dollar on a string seems to imply a woman could be tricked into leaving her fly-fishing fun by a mysteriously retreating dollar. This is as sexist as it is stupid.)

    • Sarah

      Yeahhhh, this is sort of one of the most pointless posts I’ve ever read on thegloss. Also…spellcheck, girl. Use it.