How Much Older Would You Date?

When Elisabetta Canalis and George Clooney tragically ended their fairytale romance earlier this summer, I happened to notice a little detail: she is 32, and he is 50.

I’m sure that no one in the world gives much of a shit about this age difference, probably because unlike some marriages she’s a grown-ass woman and he’s a grown-ass man, so, whatever. But that is, in fact, nearly a 20-year age difference, and also, 50 is decidedly middle age, whereas 32…well, you’re just getting started at 32!

Anyway, I’m curious how much older you’d go. Now, before you look at this poll and exclaim, “it depends on the PEERRRSSOOONNN!!” well…of course it depends on the person. You wouldn’t date a 35-year-old who behaved like he was 15, or a 40-year-old who bored you to tears with his sheer oldness.

But that said, most of us do, if pressed, have a number that we couldn’t imagine exceeding. It doesn’t mean we won’t exceed it, because life throws you curve balls sometimes! But I’m asking for that number. Maybe it’s 90. Feel free to elaborate in the comment section:

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    • Danielle

      I chose 65+. My fiance is 64 years old and I am 34 years old. We’re 30 years apart. I certainly wasn’t out there tapping into the geriatric dating scene when I met him. We literally bumped into each other at a local coffee shop and that was that.

    • Christine

      I had to go with 50 . I met my husband when he was 32 and I was 22. I’m now 30 and he’s 40, and he’s doesn’t seem that old. I’ll see if that changes in the next 10 years.

    • Jennifer

      I met my BF when I was 27 and he was almost 41. We’ve been together for 10 years now – and he’s nearly 51. He looks about 40 and acts about 14 though, so it’s all good. :)

    • Tb

      I am a serial older man dater. 27 at 17, 49 at 24, and currently 43 at 28.

    • M

      All purely theoretical at this point, but I went for 50 since the oldest guy I’ve dated is currently 43 [I'm 26], and I can see myself going older but not so significantly that I’d click ’60′. Though, as everyone says, if the right 60-year-old came by.. But not now, since I have a wonderful 21-year-old boyfriend. After my fairly consistent older-guy dating, meeting a boy on his 19th birthday was not something I expected to work out, but here we are: more than two years later, cuddled up in bed, my boytoy’s sweaty butt against my hip. Apparently there’s something to be said for the younger guys too.

    • Nicole

      When I was 22 I dated a 37 year old, and have continued to gravitate to the older set (although that was the largest age gap). It’s a habit I’m trying to break. Generally speaking, older men seek younger women because they are either too immature to socialize with their age appropriate counterparts, or because they don’t want to have to take a woman seriously.

    • Lisa

      Better survey would have options like: +5, +10, +15 years, etc.