Disney Characters We Assumed Were Gay As Children

Disney often gets criticized for promoting very heteronormative values. Which is news to us, because an informal poll of the office reveals that plenty of children’s characters – who were never explicitly stated to be gay – were assumed to be by our dumb little child brains. Like these:

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    • Candace

      Nathan Lane voice over…duh

    • LaLa

      I know it’s not a Disney movie but Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web is totally gay. Like, uber-gay

    • Ellen W.

      No comment that Radclife carries around a tiny, well-accessorized dog? (I love that dog.)

      It should also be mentioned that I’ve always thought the Disney Captain Hook was desperately sexy. It explains much of my later, troubled love life to see him illustrating this list.

      • Jennifer Wright

        How do you feel about Daniel Day Lewis? Because I always thought they kind of looked alike, he and Hook.

      • Baker Girl

        My one memory of going to Disney World as a 5 year old Girl was being afraid and crying because my sister and mother wanted me to take a “family” picture with him. But, when I was like 10 he was my first crush and I still love him!!! And … yes Jennifer Daniel Day Lewis looks like Hook!!!! Amazing

    • Abigail

      I love it! These are all completely true.

    • Emily

      Ursula’s not a lesbian. She’s (he’s) a drag queen.

    • Odbery

      Scar! So evilly gay.

    • Tana

      I always assumed that Peter Pan was pansexual. Amirite?

    • Mari

      You left out the one so gay, people think it’s a female when, in fact, Flower (skunk from Bambi) is a BOY!!!!

      • Baker Girl

        He can call me Flower if he wants to!

    • Lisa

      This makes me a little sad because as a little girl, I always had a crush on Gaston. Once I confessed this to my best friend and due to my past dating experiences, she responded with, “Ugh… you would. He’s such a douche.”

    • Olivia

      There was a really colorful character in the hunchback of notre dame who lead parades and carnivals and shit, he always struck me as gay. And what about Mulan? Didn’t she cross dress? Oh shit and the cowgirl Jesse from toy story was deffinately a lesbian. And geppeto was probably gay, right? Jesus, who would have thought that Disney is secretly in the closet.

      OH and king Richard from robin hood was gay. Like, deffinately gay.

      • Rebekah Mae

        wait wait, Jesse from Toy Story liked Buzz! Or at least it seemed that way in TS3. oh and King Richard from Robin Hood was definitely gay. No doubt.

    • shy

      this is stupid

    • killer

      peter doed look gay

    • Kara

      The title is “Disney Characters We Assumed Were Gay as Children” however young children we were not likely to put stereo types together like we are now.

      As Teens/Young Adults/ Adults we have learned to stereo type certain groups of people and now your applying it to very innocent childhood things.
      Young children do no think of who is gay or straight, most of us didn’t even learn about that kinda stuff till we were much older.

    • Jay

      Disappointing comments from clearly heterosexual people with no clue about REAL gay people. Is that all you see us as – comedy high-camp characters? I do know heterosexual men who these characters remind me of too – they are just people…. This is lazy journalism and it offends me. Why not do another ‘quirky article’ on which characters in Disney are actually ‘Black people’. You’d proabably make the same lame outdated cliched assumptions. And to say they ‘were assumed to be by our dumb little child brains’ is a cop out excuse fo writing this stuff.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I think the characters who are actually black people are the ones who are black. Also, the fact that you did not say “characters of color” offends me a bit.

      • LCT

        I’m offended that you assume I’m heterosexual. How dare you?

    • isabelle

      Gaston wasnt gay, he was protetious and egotistical….

    • Anonymous

      I always thought that Kim Possible and Shego were lesbians. It doesn’t seem that hard t contemplate, especially since Kim and Ron are way too best-friendy for their relationship to last.

      • Crista Parrish

        I know, right? A girl should be able to have male friends without it turning into something romantic. And who doesn’t love the whole “hero/villain” dynamic? Kigo would’ve been utter perfection. I hope it becomes canon if Disney decides the show is popular enough to renew for a season five. It’s something they’ve been considering for a while! Shego and Kim are just… perfect.

      • Jade

        KIGO for the win!!! Such a better pairing then Ron/Kim and implied Shego/Drakken they left us with. (Shudder…. Drakken?! I mean SERIOUSLY!) Kim deserves someone as intelligent, powerful, and as cool as her. Someone who will balance her and whom she has PASSION with…… Ron was just…. underwhelming……. and Shego is just the BEST!