Oh, Hey, They’re Going To Ruin World War Z

I really try to avoid caring about things like book to movie adaptations, but have you heard how they’re going to trash World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War? Wow! They’re totally going to trash it. Since I know Max Brook’s (Mel’s son – how cool is that? Really cool, right? There’s that noble old timey directorcharacter in the book who is clearly Mel Brooks!) collections of narratives from survivors of the zombie war is one of your favorites, as it is mine, I just figured you’d like to be a little bit outraged by the synopsis for this Brad Pitt vehicle. Which runs:

The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself. Enos plays Gerry’s wife Karen Lane; Kertesz is his comrade in arms, Segen.

But that’s not how it worked! It happened after the war! That’s why it’s called an oral history. The book is about a UN employee who goes around the world collecting heartbreaking and beautiful and funny narratives of what it was like to survive the zombie plague.

So, this is awful, and I already hate the movie. Movies gone and ruined any of your favorite book with their “actors” and “plots?” Share in the comments!

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    • Grace

      Ohhh he!!! you are a MORON!!! You haven’t even seen the movie….Pathetic! Wait until AFTER you at least see a darn trailer… I hate people when they go balistic and make judgements w/o seeing the darn movie! I say STFU until you see the movie..OK!

      • Ashley

        My goodness. Look at all of those exclamation points and caps.

      • Jennifer Wright


    • Sarah

      …That synopsis makes me sad. I mean, I’ll still wait for the trailer and I’ll still probably see the movie, but…what.

      I could probably get behind them moving it to during the war rather than doing the interview-style, because that is, admittedly, difficult to translate into a movie. But the concept just sort of baffles me. I don’t like this one-person “race against time to stop the zombie pandemic” thing. How does that even work? What, exactly, is this one guy doing to stop the pandemic? And it makes it sound like it’s going to be this huge suspenseful, oh, can he save the world thing.

      If it’s less about Brad Pitt attempting to save the world and more about someone experiencing the stories that we see in the book, I might be okay with it. But mostly it sounds like they’re making a zombie movie and slapping the “World War Z” name on it, which is very disappointing, because that book is AMAZING.

      • Jennifer Wright

        He’s stopping the pandemic by collecting stories! Since the cave paintings of Lascaux….

    • Patrick

      I was very disappointed too. The best part of World War Z is the “now what” factor… how does society recover from being taken to the brink of extinction. So many amazingly deep and conflicted characters in the book and the narrator was mainly silent.

      We don’t need another Jason Bourne saves the world from zombies thriller. I want to see the Department of Strategic Reserves (DetStRes) and how high paid lawyer/executives reacted to being told that their skills are worthless in the World War Z world. I want to see soldiers having to deal with their emotions as they implement the heartless Redeker plan in South Africa.

      A couple years ago I got my hands on an early script (a real one) and although it was sticking more to the World War Z story line it was still too focused on the initial outbreak. Never made it to the part where society had to rebuild itself.

      I met Max Brooks not too soon afterwards and all I could ask him was, “Are you saving the best part of the story for sequel?”

      I will still watch the movie because World War Z is one my top 5 favorite books… but I am scared they are going to ruin something so special.

      Marc Foster… I hope you are reading this!

      • Jennifer Wright

        Look, I love the initial outbreak stuff. I want to see advertisements for Phalanx. I want to see the people giving out sporting goods on 5th avenue. I would have been cool with that, I’d just want to see them in some sort of flashback format. But, I was hoping for some sort of ensemble cast where the stories would all intertwine (okay, even if they wanted to keep it in the present) instead of what sounds like Brad Pitt just shooting up some zombies.

        (And in the early script – did they keep the bit about the dogs? Because that part makes me cry every time).

    • Dez

      Uh Grace, we don’t need to see a trailer. This is an ADAPTATION of a very popular BOOK. The plot description from the studio is in itself a clear indication that they’re deviating from the source material. Having read the book several times (it’s that good) it’s clear that Plan B & Paramount are cashing in on the notoriety of the book’s title, but are in fact making a film with no resemblance to the novel aside from the fact that there are zombies. I don’t need to see the movie because the press release from the studio openly states that they’re screwing it up. What part of this is unclear to you? Sure this might be a good movie to the uninitiated people who have no familiarity with the novel but presumably if you’re making a movie based on a book you want the fans of said book to pay to see the movie. Methinks you might be out of your depth. Maybe you should try reading the book before you call other people pathetic or tell them to STFU.

    • Rhyan W

      This movie has been a disaster from day 1. It never should have been a movie at all, but an ongoing series on HBO or Showtime. Too late now, The Walking Dead beat World War Z to the punch and is doing a damn fine job.