Party Favors: Women & Sex

Do women like sex? -DoubleX

Depressing: 70% of women would give up sex to keep their cellphones. -The Frisky

Cats: still gross. -The Hairpin

Author Rebecca Hale talks about her writing space. -ShelterPop

Naturally, there is a dating site for recent divorcees. -YourTango

Sluts have all the fun. …OR DO THEY?! -College Candy

Nars has a moody new collection. -Refinery29

Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde got some major beauty deals. -Styleite

This rock candy crescent necklace is pretty serious. -Styleite

Katie Holmes looked lovely in a midi. -The Budget Babe

So a big time brand is selling tacos now. -The High Low

Bethenny Frankel‘s “healthy diet secrets.” -Betty Confidential

“The psychology of hair.” -YouBeauty

Rachel Zoe gets in on the beauty campaign game. -Poshglam

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