24-Year-Old Attacks 12-Year-Old In Fit Of Jealous Rage

Oh dear. Oh dear, dear dear.

Ladies, jealousy is a fact of life. All of us have probably been known to succumb evil green-eyed monster once or twice. But one must keep one’s jealousy in check — so sayeth the bible — and one must really, really try to remember that jealousy is not an appropriate emotion to unleash on children.

Sadly, Candice Kiley of North Branford, Connecticut didn’t adhere to any of these rules. During a family barbeque — yes, during a family barbeque — Kiley broke down and accused a 12-year-old girl of “looking at” her 30-year-old boyfriend all day. She then grabbed the girl by the hair and threw her on the floor, causing the girl to have an asthma attack.

So, this is crazy on a number of levels, yes? First of all, maybe the girl was looking at Kiley’s boyfriend, but it’s unlikely, because let’s be rational — when you’re 12, 30-year-old men seem old. Regardless, you don’t physically attack anyone, ever (unless it’s in self-defense, and then we’re dealing with a whole other topic). On top of that, you don’t start fights at a family barbeque, because that’s trashy.

But mostly, the girl. Is. Twelve. And that makes everything that happened here 90 times worse, not to mention that it lends the incident a particularly pathetic sheen.

Also, is it just me, or does Kiley look somewhat pleased with herself in her mugshot?

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    • richie rich

      downriver trash of the year

    • T & A

      Just another All-American Tramp. Stay away from me-ee. Mama set me free-ee.

    • Guest

      Im surprised no one at the party grabbed that c*nt by the hair and broke her neck

    • Nick

      “Pathetic sheen,” a particularly “winning” phrase that applies to a former TV star.

    • renee hartman

      Is this *itch insane, or stupid or both? Does she work at it or does it
      come naturally to her?

      That poor child! I am sorry but this is WRONG on every level one
      could possibly think of. Throw the book at this female and get her
      off the streets, whether in a MENTAL institution, or jail or both.
      She is a menace to everyone around her.

    • Captain Canada

      are you telling me that is a mug shot I thought it was the north end of a horse traveling south. With a face like that she was fortunate to even have a boy friend. I also hear she was so ugly sshe had to sneak up on a glass of water for a drink……….shame on you,you poor excuse for a woman….

    • Robert

      I am wondering what the boyfriend thought of her actions. Like “That’s my women….beating up a child half her age” (but prolly double in IQ)

      I bet he doesn’t take the relationship to the next level.

    • leperous

      My what a strong chin she has. How is tha family tree branching for you?

    • Matt

      I’m assuming her boyfriend was a pedophile and she was worried about the 12 year old running away with him?

    • Amy Hart

      Trashy, tacky and this chick needs mental help. Even if her man was a model and every girl there was drooling over him, gives her no right to attack anyone, an especially not a child. I hope she is not invited to any more BBQs

    • PowerPC

      It looks to me like this one has a reason to be jealous. She is ugly as sin and is lucky to have a boyfriend that put up with a sea-hag like her. Even though she has those reasons she needs to reserve her outbursts to women old enough to defend themselves and not children. Jealously over a 12 year old really tends to show some type of mental illness.

    • Lo

      Re: comments on her appearance – would it be better if she were gorgeous? The point is that she attacked a kid.