Real Talk: Who Is The Sexiest Villain?

Heroes are boring, one-dimensional, jaw on and on about justice, have healthy relationships with their parents, etc. Villains are hot and complicated. We asked a bunch girls who they’d most like to do evil stuff with. Unsurprising answers like Patrick Bateman and bizarre answers like Scar from Lion King ahead.


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    • Cassieleigh

      Sydney – it’s like looking in a mirror. I love me some manly men.

    • OG

      Oh Keifer. I had such a crush on him. I still do, but only on the younger version. Now it’s more for Gary Oldman as Dracula. Maybe I just have a thing for vampires? Hmm…

    • Lindsey

      In the same theme as Scar: toats a champion. Goal-oriented, buff, handsome. I root for him.

      • Lindsey

        Bleh. I meant to put in there that I like Steele from Balto. He’s just so masculine and powerful.

    • Ali

      Christoph Waltz- YES YES and YES. Ugh.

      Disney wise- hellooo, Claude Frollo from Hunchback? Remember watching the “Hellfire” scene and being absolutely terrified, even if you didn’t realize until you were 18 exactly what he was singing about? (Not that any of that is applicable to me, of course…)

    • Ninargh

      Oh, Spike. Those cheekbones… and his beautiful blue eyes. And then there’s the whole immortal bad-ass thing. God, I could just eat him up.

    • Jinx

      Professor Snape. Oh sweet Dark Lord, that voice! Although not technically a villain, he can insult me with his snarky, snippy sarcasm anyday.

      • Arnie

        Oh yes. I don’t care if he is old enough to be my father.

        Several years ago a few of my friends developed the theory that whenever your bra strap falls down, you are thinking about Alan Rickman. It’s a very accurate, and highly scientific study.

    • Ruby

      disney villains went off! i had massive crushes on scar and steel when i was a little one. so much awesomeness.
      and snape. always snape.

    • Ruby

      and Sara Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions. amazing.

    • CrystesMom

      And coming in at #1: – Sex-on-legs personified-Heath Ledger’s Joker!

    • Alison

      Spike!! He was not 1000 during Buffy though. He was sired in 1880 when he was about 27-30 years old.

      Big Buffy fan.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        …that person definitely meant the actor, not the character.

    • Theresa

      Riddick in Pitch Black. Sexy voice, bald, double-jointed.

      But from this list, Spike. I would listen to his bad poetry everyday if he called me luv.

    • Daisy

      I’m all for the vampires: Spike. Dracula. And I wouldn’t turn down young Kiefer. RRRRrrrrr.

    • Camilla

      Definitely Spike! No doubt about it.

    • Mari

      Sharron Stone in Basic Instinct!

    • mary

      i’m not sure if he counts as a villan, since he only hurts bad people, but DEXTER is so friggin hot

    • emily

      none of them

    • Crystal

      Sylar from Heroes before the writers destroyed his character! He could cut my head open and do whatever the hell it is he does with my brain any day, mee-yow!