Does This Video Make You Feel More Or Less Stressed?

Over at the Huffington Post, they’ve launched what appears to be a new series called “Your Daily mOMent:” videos meant to instill calm in the viewer.

And while I appreciate the notion — I really do, I fully believe in taking little breaks to calm the fuck down during the day — this video makes me feel more stressed out, rather than less. Take a look:

Now, how do you feel? I’ll tell you what went down for me. First, I felt confused about what the purpose of the video was. Once I understood, I started to get pissed because it’s August and I haven’t been to a pool yet all summer. Then, I felt a little trapped because I couldn’t think of a time in the near future when I’d be able to justify spending the whole day — or even half of the day! — at a pool.

Then, the video ended.

And now I feel worse.

What about you?

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    • Vida

      No Jessica, I did not feel worse. Why didn’t I feel worse? Because I stayed focused in the moment and let myself relax so my mind wouldn’t wonder off back into my psychoses. I’ve been experiencing these daily OM moments from HuffPo for months now and they can be quite effective. As lone as you: STAY. IN. THE. MOMENT. Now watch this soothing video and relax for a few minutes:

    • jo

      all i know is that music is offending my OMness.

    • Abigail

      I’m stressed out now…