Friday Style Icon: Peg & Kelly Bundy Of Married…With Children

Married…With Children was a cool show because it aimed for coarse, ugly authenticity in a time of sitcoms about child geniuses and togetherness and bullshit. Married… With Children was all about oppressive workdays and jello salad and chainsmoking and not being sexually attracted to your spouse anymore and being an embittered shell of a person (and belly tops!). I watched the hell out of this show growing up (because it came on before or after The Simpsons) and it was great. Peg and Kelly’s outsized, tacky style both lend themselves to excellent Halloween costumes, too, so here we go!

Also. Here is some delightful ephemera:

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    • andrea dunlop

      1- How amazing were these two? 2- Did anyone else almost vomit when they saw the tie dye shirt for $128?! Pretty sure I have one of those in the bottom of my closet leftover from 1992 that I could sell you for $5.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      I wonder if there was parental outrage back then over the way Christina Applegate was dressed like there is now over everything Miley Cyrus does. Anyone? Anyone?

      • Diana

        Well… Married with Children isn’t exactly a kids’ show, or maybe those were just my parents who didn’t let me watch it sometimes (when there were sex jokes). Also Kelly isn’t supposed to be a role model. She is presented as pretty, dumb and very promiscuous (and that is suggested to be a bad thing).