Kristen Stewart Is Unrecognizably Bodacious On W‘s September Cover

September covers are trickling in, which means one thing: summer is over and fashion’s big season is upon us. Or that the publishing industry is trying to move product by giving famous people dramatic makeovers. So maybe it means two things. Anyway, Kristen Stewart looks sultry and Bardot-y (it’s a word) (it’s Friday) in her W spread. Styled by Edward Enninful, Stewart wears Gucci, Max Mara, Dolce & Gabbana and more throughout. Observe…

(Stewart was shot by Mert & Marcus, the photos come from Fashion Gone Rogue and W)

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    • Jon

      She actually has a pretty big, healthy ass IIRC. Good stuff, Ashley.

    • Anna

      Hmm… that timeline would have suited her well me thinks

    • ALS

      But she still has the same facial expression in every photo. Best shoot I’ve seen of her though.

    • Eve

      She looks great– kinda Bond-girl.

    • Daniela

      Is anyone else getting a LiLo vibe from some of the pictures?

    • Cassie

      her hair looks AMAZING. usually she wears it all lank and stringy…

    • Sarah

      Yes, some of the photos are a bit Lilo-y(it’s a word-it’s Saturday) and others pure Bardot. The point being Kristen NEEDS the hair and makeup team who did this look to do hair and makeup EVERYDAY for the rest of her life so she doesn’t seem like an unwashed chick from Seattle early 90′s grunge era. She doesn’t have to be the sexy bombshell 24/7 but at least give body to that hair and a little makeup won’t kill her.(We’ll leave that to her vampy boy-toy which is another one I would wash with a mixture of Oxy-clean and CRL to start…)

    • Olivia

      Actually I like K-Stew when she looks like a snarky, sexy, grunge-y, dirty teenager. She looks normal and not unattainably gorgeous. This sort of gives me a “sell out” vibe.

    • Patricia

      Seriously didn’t recognize her and even now, knowing it’s her I still can’t link the girl from the photos to the girl with the constant uncomfortable teenage look on her face.

      But I prefer her as a supposeldy awkward young girl than this sultry random model who honestly could be any girl from a modelling agency.

      Maybe Kristen Stewart dresses like a teenager is because…. She is one? Or was one until a few years ago? honestly, let the woman be 20 years old.

    • Tomi

      Whoa!! I agree with Patricia. Although, I will say, while her most famous expression is an uncomfortable one, I think it’s 100% genuine. I really don’t think she’s meant to be in front of a camera. She’s doesn’t exude the “Look at me! Look at me!” vibe. She acts more like any average person being put in the spotlight…