Lady Gaga Wears Normal Dress

Well, if this doesn’t signal the coming of the apocalypse, I don’t know what does. Lady Gaga was seen out and about last night in L.A. wearing what appears to be a normal dress — a one-shouldered number with a modest hemline (albeit accompanied by a racy slit), paired with sensible heels and a tasteful statement cuff.

We don’t know yet where she was going or what she was doing, but this may be an appearance by that rarely seen creature known as Stefani Germanotta.


Anyway, she looks a little like a mob wife, but we think she pulls it off. What about you?

[via TMZ]

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    • Alessia

      This is kind of like being a kid and seeing a mall Santa Claus take off his beard. I’m not sure how to feel, but I know it’s pretty unsettling.

    • Jamie Peck


    • Meghan


    • Shae

      I….I…. huh.

      My instinctual reaction was that my mind is blown. And then my second reaction, immediately following the first, was that this was what Gaga WANTED and she felt that her meat and bubble pantsless displays had become cliche and it was time to blow our minds in a different way than usual, and then….

      ….I decided I was thinking way more than I usually do about Gaga’s wardrobe. Gaga – +1, Shae – 0. Well-played, Gaga.

    • Lauren

      This is the only shocking thing Lady Gaga has left, to wear something normal.