Photoshop Of Horrors: Victoria’s Secret Needs To Hire A Different Retoucher

What the hell, Victoria’s Secret? I mean, this isn’t a total catastrophe (for you) but this body doesn’t even make sense. Unless she’s built like an AT-ST walker under there. Seriously:

(via PSD)

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    • Abigail

      I must be missing something, because it looks like normal body angles to me, assuming you have a hip jutted out, and your other leg turned slightly to one side. Maybe I’m oblivious to this one.

      • Shannon

        Follow the line of her leg. If you trace it up, you’ll find that her left hip is located approximately at her crotch. So that’s a problem. Plus, her hand is on her hip waaaay up there, and her knees haven’t even started yet by the bottom of the picture.

      • Sarah

        I’m not sure, I have a similar body type, and I can make my hip line up with my crotch by leaning and sticking my hip out. If I had a flowy dress on while doing this, I might look like that, too. Also, some people actually do have extremely long legs, myself included. I have to buy extra long, not just long, jeans.

    • Steph

      What’s with the line on her arm? It looks like her arm was detached and put back together awkwardly.

    • porkchop

      I also like it when they remove the model’s cleavage and then replace it with fake looking cleavage.

    • K

      THE HANDS they are huge. I am currently picturing this person walking, it is not pretty. Since her knees are clearly near her ankles and the left thigh seems to be housing a broken bone. VS Fail.

    • Charmander

      That is the most realistic prosthetic arm I have ever seen. Props, VS. You innovate.