• Fri, Aug 12 2011

The Gap Really Screwed Up With Their Sickly, Skeletal Mannequin

Notice anything funny? This is a mannequin at The Gap meant to advertise their new narrow leggings (note the tremendously awful tagline ‘Always Skinny’ beside the display). You’re probably not noticing anything funny about the set-up because you’re too distracted by the mannequin’s legs, which makes it look like a prisoner at some cute, on-trend death camp. So, seriously. This is gross and sends a gross message. Get it together, Gap.

(Boing Boing)

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  • Jennifer Wright

    Wait, you know what’s funny? I drop 4 sizes due to the gap’s vanity sizing. That mannequin is a 0000000 at the Gap.

    • Roxy

      haha so true! If I’m a 00 (what the hell is a 00???doesn’t make any sense) this has to be a 00000000. So ridiculous!

    • Somnilee

      I used to fit a 2 or a 0 at the Gap. I am not a 2 or a 0, I’m a 5/6 (and at the time possibly a 4).

  • Remi

    Ha! Whats funny is that there are a TON of Gap ads on this site…

  • Steph

    As soon as I looked away from the grossness that is the mannequin’s legs, I did notice the horrible tagline. I love Gap jeans, but come on.

  • Jasmine

    Oh my God. I feel sick just looking at this. When thighs are thinner than the knee, that is the first sign of the disease known as malnutrition :(