Beauty Salon Cannot Stop Killing Its Customers

Today, my heart breaks for one Trudy of Trudy’s Looking Glass Salon in Oldsville, Oldabama. This might be the saddest ad I’ve ever seen for anything, and that includes the ones for those KFC Failure Bowls.

Seriously though, maybe she should stop using all those recalled products on her customers. There’s a reason her perms are so cheap, guys. You get what you pay for.

Related: there is a salon called Curl Up and Dye in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Whatever you do, don’t ask for a shave with one of those old fashioned straight razors, because before you know it you’ll be baked into a delicious meat pie. A human meat pie. Related: I am hungry.

(Via The Huffington Post)

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    • Alle Malice

      When I saw Sweeney Todd, the only thought in my head was “I could really go for a meat pie.”

      I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    • sahiba

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    • Sam Singer

      I’m not seeing this as creepy, but somehow gimmicky. I usually do referral marketing where my “angels” talk about my store to people they know.

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