Gallery: The Ten Most Pissed Off Looking Cats From The Algonquin’s Cat Fashion Show

In honor of the birthday of its feline mascot Matilda, New York’s Algonquin Hotel holds a cat fashion show each year. This would be a great idea, if 1.) cats enjoyed wearing clothes, and 2.) cats knew what the fuck a fashion show is. As it is, it seems more like an indicator of who should maybe have their pets taken away by animal control than the glamorous couture parade its participants seem to fancy. Nonetheless: it is hilarious. Here are the top ten most pissed off looking cats from this year’s extravaganza.

(Photos via Time Out New York)

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    • miinxi

      OMFG puss in Hat is the cutest thing of ALL TIME. I am buying a little hat for my cat to wear now.

    • M

      Serious Cat is like a somewhat less fluffy version of one of my cats: Which is not helping, because I have been wanting to get her a little sweater vest [preferably argyle] and one of those pet collar-neckties to tuck into the sweater vest for YEARS. And this is only making me think it’s a better idea.

    • Hanna

      I love the Monarch cat. That look is priceless. Still, as a fierce animal lover and future cat owner (I have ambitions to become my hood’s own crazy cat lady) this is very, very painful to see. They should outlaw this shit immediately.

    • Ky

      I just stayed at the Algonquin last week and I know for a fact that Matilda the cat would never put up with this foolishness. It is the very definition of Irony that they would force other cats to dress up in her honor.