6 Haircuts Men Hate (And Why You Should Try Them Anyway)


Would you like to know what kind of hair men like? Long, silky hair. All the way down your back like some beautiful waterfall of keratin. You know who follows that sort of advice? People who love Cosmopolitan and want to get married very, very badly. Also, sheep. Are you a sheep? I didn’t think so. We asked some dude friends which hairstyles they hated the most, and then came up with reasons you should get them regardless. Because we are not sheep. We are pageboy sporting dragons.

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    • Venus in Furs

      “Dude says: “It would look a lot better if it was longer.”

      We says: That’s what she said.”

      *Still laughing*

      • Gloria


    • Magda

      Is it weird that I think I developed an instantaneous girl-crush on the girl with the afro?

      • BeccaTheCyborg

        If it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right. So gorgeous.

      • MNiM

        No, I did too. It totally does look like a halo.

      • Magda


        Why couldnt I be born with a halo? No one can see my halo, halo, haaaalllllooooo…. Maybe thats what Beyonce was really singing bout. Thr ‘Fro.

    • Jessica

      As a person who had full on dreadlocks for six years, I will say that it somewhat eliminates you from the radar of people you may or may not want anything to do with.

      I was very particular about my hair and put a great deal of effort, especially in the beginning, into making them very neat and uniformly shaped. *Without bias* I think mine were, in the end, among the top 5 sets of dreads I’ve ever seen. They ended up having a really cool layered, voluminous, bouffant look about them. At their longest they were to the small of my back. I still dyed them throughout the years and wore my hair in a variety of styles, but there were many days where putting them in a bun was all I could handle (they‘re kind of heavy and in the summer you might as well have a sweater on your head at all times.)

      In regards to men and dreadlocks, I think that a lot of guys were genuinely attracted to them, if not for their appearance then for what they symbolize in our culture. I got a lot of attention, both good and bad, in the years that I had dreadlocks from a wide variety of men. I met the love of my life when my dreads were at their most fabulous and he is a remarkably normal and conventionally attractive man with a good job and a fairly conservative upbringing.

      You get a lot of the same questions and comments, “Can I touch them?,” “So how do you wash them?,” “Is that really your hair?” I was told on a regular basis that I was the exception to a person’s dislike for dreadlocks, “They really look good on you, somehow it just works, but on anyone else I hate them!” I don’t know how many times I heard from family, “You used to be such a pretty girl before you went and did that to your hair.”

      However, I was always surprised who complimented me (i.e. elderly people, little kids, business men on the train, moms of toddlers, very prim and proper ladies.) In certain crowds I kind of had an automatic pass, as if it were understood that I was cool. In other places, like the classroom, I felt like I had to make it perfectly clear that I wasn’t some spotty-vagrant-college-hippie.

      I’ve been combing them out for the last 6 or 7 months and the majority of my hair is back to the way that it was (I’m a bit shocked at how healthy my hair is now, must have been the lack of products and flat ironing for all those years.) I did notice though that the day that it was hard to tell that I ever had dreads was the day people started to be much more friendly, helpful, and accepting.

      For the record, if I could pull it off I would totally have an afro.

      • Olivia


      • sillycliff512 .

        Is that you jessaslut i want my cd’s back we broke up three yrs ago stop hiding from me and give me my shit back and no we cant get back together.

    • Ash

      Im on board with everything but dreads. they look dreadful which is why some people have dreads while others have locks. but I’m no fashion police, so to each “hair” own (bam!).

    • Leslie

      Wrong on the pixie cut. I got so much more attention from guys when I went from long to pixie and know quite a few guys who love the look on women who can pull it off.

      • BeccaTheCyborg

        Yeah, though it’s not the standard generic “hot chick” hair (bleached, loooong), there’s a lot of less, umm, stereotypically bro-ish dudes who love it.

        I get fewer creeps creeping on me, and dudes with good taste admiring it. WIN.

    • Shae

      What guys SAY they want and what they ACTUALLY want are two different things. Case in point: when I was sixteen, I got a crewcut. I was asked out by five different guys in the ensuing two or three weeks. I’d only ever been asked out by one guy previous to this time (when I was hiding behind my shoulder-length hair). They all SAID they liked girls with long hair, but what they MEANT was that they like a girl who has enough confidence to tell their opinions to shove it.

      • Matt

        There’s this myth that everything guys say is cryptic or is the opposite of what we mean. No, there’s a simpler answer: Guys all like different things, don’t assume a demographic is a monolithic category, although most men THINK they like long hair or at least CLAIM to because society tells them they’re SUPPOSED to like long hair, or even if they KNOW differently, many guys won’t openly admit if they feel otherwise because they’re afraid of being the subject of gay rumors by other guys (because, you know, if your preference is outside of a tiny box, you’re automatically homosexual). The increased attention to the girl with short hair is the guys expressing their true feelings in the only way they can, they’ll never ADMIT they like the girl BECAUSE of her short hair, they’ll make up excuses. It has nothing to do with saying one thing and meaning another nor “issuing a challenge” to “put them in their place”. It’s just the average guy wants to do anything he can to avoid being shunned by his peers or thought to be gay. I know, it’s stupid, but that’s the way it is.

        The only reason I’m open in admitting I think short hair on a girl is sexy is because I don’t give a shit what people say or think about me. I’m a guy who admitted to listening to 40s and 50s era pop music in high school…..in the 90s. The grunge era. Where it was as “uncool” as it gets. I had people ask me if I was gay from time to time, despite the fact that I look and act NOTHING like the camp gay stereotype.

        And there’s always the possibility that you just simply looked best with short hair and it had nothing to do with hair preferences.

    • lesley

      i get a million percent more attention now i have a pixie cut. like when i cut my hair it was actually kind of overwhelming. i dont know whether its the actual cut though, probably has more to do with shorter hair just suiting me better. point of story guys just want whatever looks good. that said sometimes id like to have ridiculously long rapunzle hair just for the lols.

      • Ali

        Same here Lesley! I shaved off all my hair last October. It’s grown more since then but I get WAY more attention with this cut than I did with my shoulderblade-length hair.

      • Matt

        Most guys are afraid to openly admit to liking short hair since it’s socially unacceptable but actions speak louder than words.

    • Steph

      I know a girl how shaved all of her hair off. She looks fucking amazing.

      • Steph

        *who, sorry.

    • Megan

      Afros…mmmmm. I am always totally jealous of the girl who can pull off an Afro. The Afro that’s not really a full-out Afro, but corkscrew curls? God. Those women must have done something really exceptional in a former life.

      • Magda

        Oh my god! I am sooo jealous of girls/women with big flouncy curls. Especially when they do that semi afro thing around their head. I wish I had curly hair. I despise flat hair.

      • Eileen

        SO beautiful. The girl I sat next to in international trade had hair just like that, and it was all I could do to keep from staring at her hair all through class. And/or every time I saw her on campus for the next two years.

    • Soos

      Who cares what other folks think? Experiment! It’s just HAIR!

      • Burble

        This is the wisest comment here.

    • ofelia

      You can me to the statistic of “more male attention after getting a pixie cut”. I used my hair to hide my face and when I cut it off, I received so much more attention from guys. I attracted my wonderful boyfriend because he loved that I had the confidence to rock a pixie cut in a sea of the standard flat-ironed highlighted look that is popular on my Southern campus. In fact, I shaved my head last October and he actually helped me with the parts I had a hard time buzzing off. :D

      • Matt

        That’s true, most guys like a girl who’s confident enough to be herself and some actually prefer short hair but are afraid to admit it.

    • Sam

      I went with an Agyness Deyn short cropped haircut and I would get stopped on the street because people would compliment me – it’s crazy how many times you hear women exclaim “Oh I wish I was that brave/confident to go that short”

      DO IT. It’s hair. It grows back :D Women are too attached to long hair.

    • Eileen

      The problem with long, loose hair is that it’s been a cultural/social indication of a woman’s youth, fertility, and availability for way too long. (This is probably at least partly because young women at the peak of their fertility generally grow hair faster than anyone else) It may not be what looks best on a woman or even what a man finds most interesting to look at, but it’s been held aloft as what a single woman of childbearing age should look like since forever.

      • Matt

        Not really since forever, more like since the mid-19th century when women’s status in society began to change and women keeping their hair long was seen as special while men began to get it cut short. Before the mid-19th century, both men and women had long hair. Most trends that people mistakenly attribute to evolution are actually fairly new. Here’s a possible surprise, at one point women in the middle ages hid their hair under certain kinds of head-coverings to show off the beauty in their face, essentially creating the same effect short hair does in these days, while men had the more wild, untamed long “warrior hair”.

    • Tara

      I use to wear my hair straight and when I went to college, I wore a low cut (nearly bald) and now, I wear an afro. With both, guys always rant and rave about my hair and how beautiful it is.

    • Joy

      Which men hate Afros? what sample were you measuring this statement by?..because clearly they must not have been African or of African descent because African hair naturally grows into an Afro furthermore an afro is not a haircut….please get your facts straight before making such a sweeping and misinformed statement that some men hate afros.

      • Fabel

        Yes, “SOME” men hate afros (or any of the other hairstyles features), so it’s not a “sweeping” statment

      • Fabel


    • Nix

      Men hate afros? Hunh. Hadn’t noticed. Actually thought the attention I get from men grows right along with my fro. I must be wrong. I’m gonna run out right this second and get that perminator WITH a butt-length Brazilian weave, so men can REALLY like me. THANK YOU, THEGLOSS.COM, FOR OPENING MY EYES!

      • Sun

        Well, hmm. The men whom I actually most WANT to like me, i.e. Black men who are aren’t full of racist self-hatred, seem to dig my ‘fro okay. Go figure.

        ps- you need more people, thegloss.com. you and the folks at Nivea Body Crap BOTH need to be re-civilized somethin’ terrible.

    • Alexandra

      I dislike the assumption that women with long hair have long hair because they think men will like it. Some girls are just too lazy to go to the salon every week to get it trimmed.
      And have huge heads.

      • puzzled

        yea, thats it..hahahahhhaha dont be hatin, you can get a wig….

    • Sun

      Well, hmm. The men whom I actually WANT to like me, i.e. Black men who are aren’t full of racist self-hatred, seem to like my ‘fro. Go figure.

      ps- you need more people, thegloss.com. you and Nivea Body Crap both need to be re-civilized.

      • Jennifer Wright

        The men who don’t like pixie cuts are prejudiced against wood nymphs.

      • sheherbano

        i wish i could reply to the reply but i cant so just pretend that i am please because that was the best response to anything ever.

    • Kelly

      My boyfriend LOVES my pixie cut. He thinks it’s cute.

    • Nala

      I get hollered at by white and black guys in my ‘fro. They want to touch it, they want to have it. They think my halo’s hot.

      Sorry but that ‘dude’ is a fail.

      Ha at Venus.

    • Rebekah Mae

      Well now I’m horribly confused because I have dreadlocks and the men LOVE them. Men of all races love my locks. And now you’re telling me men don’t like them? Well gosh, I guess I should go and grab my scissors so I can cut this shit off. Please excuse me while I go do that…

      • Caring

        haha, please dont!! The few that were asked dont…and everyone is different…as long as their clean and short enough, u in, sista…

    • uadu

      all those guys are simple-minded and boring anyway.

    • Khati

      Thank you, thegloss.com for stereo-typing women with long hair.
      I sported the pixie, spiked, etc. However in the end I came back to natural long hair.
      Why? OH NO IT COULDN’T POSSIBLY BE BECAUSE I got bored with the 4357498 other styles of short cuts, and enjoyed the flexibility I got with STYLING long hair in a multitude of braids, hair accessories, and more.
      It MUST be that I am a sheep who is clearly too lazy to get it cut at a salon. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways. ggggggg

      • Renee Orselina Nicole Schwarz


      • Kj

        PREACH sista. I like my long hair, and keep it long despite the pressure to change the style every 6 weeks. Jeeez

    • Truth.

      :Bald: Sexy, slightly kinky and submissive despite a high likely hood of possessing a full house of issues.
      :Dreadlocks: Dirty, unimpressive and possibly dull to talk to because she is just so far out. If her hairy pitts put you off from two feet away, then the swamp down under may be easy, but could traumatize you forever.
      :Mullet:Hard, bitter, lesbian, trashy, likely afflicted with a psychosis. Move along.
      :AFRO: Downright sexy when kept clean and shaped. This girl does not play any bullsh!t. Paired with full, heavily glossed lips is a big win.
      :Pixie: Extremely fun, functional, clean and oh so very sexy. Any man turned away by a well done pixie is clearly a victim of seriously repressed homosexuality.
      :Pageboy: Boring, dull, looks uncomfortable and hides too many characteristics of the beautiful female face.
      -Embrace the Truth-

      • Caring

        U a funny girl!! I would rock the baldness, if it were summer, I looked that pretty in it, and oh, only if I had chemo or lost my hair…of course, the afro’s gorgeous…wish my permed hair would do it better…and the pageboy, bland..she looks like a man; not bringing out the beautiful female features, that is true…I think the dreads are hot; she needs to just cut them to the top of bra line tho…and I love her, but the mulllet they gave her, her stylist should be tarred and feathered!! haha…she is so ultra beautiful, and this made her look so bad..Ladies, you dont need to stay “on style”..Pick something you look lovely with and stay with it…good luck…peace oh have to get this in, for lipstick, PLEASE BLOT..you want enhancement, not a clown face….AND, RUN through the perfume; dont throw the whole bottle on!! Subtle is nice….

      • Hollie

        Your comment on Pixie haircuts – my feelings exactly. I think a lot of men are intimated by a women confident to rock a short haircut.

      • Matt

        Actually they’re intimidated by society’s pressure, if they weren’t at risk of having their buddies call them gay for the next 42 weeks, a lot more men would admit to thinking the pixie is a super sexy hairstyle.

    • Alice Wonder

      It’s not embracing counter culture.
      It’s conforming to a popular view of counter culture.

    • Ron

      No men do not like “sheep”, but many of us are unimpressed by women who decide to get themselves shorn like a spring herd. Your decision to do it, mine to dislike it.

      • Renee Orselina Nicole Schwarz

        Oh, you poor thing. Your butthurt breaks my heart.

      • Christian

        This is to Renee Orselina Nicole Schwarz…. You’re very immature, and your comments are completely unnecessary. Ron’s comment didn’t have anything to do with…. what was it? Being “Butthurt”? Yeah… As intelligent and mature as that phrase is… It doesn’t even apply here. It looks like you’re just an angry person who is threatened by opinions that differ from her own. Why do guys like longer hair? The same reason most women like shorter hair on guys. Because long hair is feminine, short hair is masculine. Not saying some girls can’t pull off some gorgeous short hairstyles, but when a woman has absolutely beautiful, well cut, glossy, long hair, it just flows. Its like the hairstyle enhances the beautiful girl’s movements. Its flirty, its fun to run your hands through, and she can change it up with various styles. Also, the only haircuts I notice guys not liking on girls (on this list) are the pageboy, bald, dreads, and (seriously girls, seriously?) the mullet. The mullet is a terrible haircut. Period. But yeah… Sort of a silly article, if you can even call it that. And I’ll say, every girl I’ve been with hasn’t styled her hair for me. They’ve done it for themselves.. Never met one of your assumed “sheep”… (Long hair on a girl is sexy as hell, plain and simple.)

      • Kat

        so Halle Berry isn’t sexy with her pixie (to name a few)…NOT all women look good with long hair…like me…so I rock a pixie with pride and have NO problems at all finding admirers…..this is ONLY your opinion…NOT every man in the world…

      • Lynda Carol Webster

        do men like older women with long hair or is it just a thing for the young i have long mid back and getting longer no intention of getting it cut I wear it mostly up in a low bun or braid well my hubbie likes it and his is the only opinion I value

    • Ron

      BTW, Agyness Deyn’s haircuts are ghastly, and totally unbecoming on her, and just about everyone else. Well-cut bobs and pixies are somewhat to very attractive on the right woman. But they DO have to be styled perfectly. Still, long hair rocks, and if you’d wear it to impress a boyfriend, do it for your husband as well.

    • Johnathan

      AS IF women style their hair for (straight) men.

    • Mimi

      I’m currently sporting a chin length bob, and the first thing someone said to me was;” you look like a boy now.”
      Well. I so want a pixie, but I’m too shy.
      Goddamit! A halo! I WANT puffy gorgeous curls…

      • Lynda Carol Webster

        sorry I cant stand bobs they are horrible seems that’s all hairdressers seem to know well the ones on those makeover shows any way if anyone dared cut my hair like that I would do the same to them and have to get hair extensions till it grew back worst haircut ever invented

    • C. C.

      Afros are SEXY! I really don’t get why afros are on the list because all the guys I know LOVE mine! They are constantly touching it. And they NEVER touched my relaxed hair.

    • amanda

      haha since i got my pixie cut guys always compliment me and say i look beautiful. it brought out my features and makes me look more feminine. love it.

      • sillycliff512 .

        they are lying

    • K

      Glad to see all the comments about men liking the Afro because that’s what my hair naturally does, it’s not a hair do. It’s deciding to stray away from damaging relaxers and embrace your real hair texture.

      • dj

        Afro’s are now and forever hot hot hot hot hot!

      • Ari

        I know this is a two year old comment but: Fuck yeah.

    • rain

      I know this is old but I just found it. Though as odd as most comments here are…. women of all cultures had short hair until roughly the 90′s. That fertility crap is just that… crap. Romans, and Greeks believed that. Fact is, nearly all modern culture today (80%) embrace the concept of short hair. The only problem is, short hair is considered powerful, hence why all business women have it, and why the military refuses to let women cut it. (My Thoughts)

    • ‘Frolita

      I have the perfect haircut. Short, a-line blunt, naturally curly. I can look like a 1920′s flapper, OR if I wanna embrace my roots (it’s a pun) I rock my fro!

    • Someguy

      I hate short hair on girls! Sorry but it is ugly and I would never date a girl with a pixie cut. Yuck. Your hair is the most important feature to me. It is what I notice first. If you have nice hair I’m instantly interested. I am a huge hair guy.

      • Carolina Cornejo

        Intimidated much?

      • Ashton

        haha no kidding eh where are his balls?

      • dj

        You would never date a girl with a pixie cut? Well, I’m sure you are not shallow at all..ugh.

      • burnz

        If my girl friend cuts her hair, she has to be ok with me putting on a load of weight and letting my hair/beard grow out.

      • Ari

        lmao as if anyone would ever date you. and even if you get a gf she’ll be as shallow as you sooooooooooo

      • DoneWithYourCrap

        And I don’t like short dicks on guys but here you are

    • zed

      this is a horrible article with horrible advice. U go bald and let’s see how u like it.

    • http://twitter.com/JustJosieHicks Josie Hicks

      I have a pixie and I just love it. I feel so feminine, and I look frankly awful with long hair.

      • Eric

        Pixie cuts are boyish and not feminine at all.

      • Burt

        the mullet is to women what the pixie cut is to men

      • J

        Ur a dick don’t be a dick. Also, what kind of shallow bitch thinks girls aren’t pretty because they like short hair better.

      • sillycliff512 .

        Fuck you J Men only like women with long hair. If you wanna cut ur hair like a boy then we will treat u like one

      • Ashton

        Pixie cuts are beautiful and extremely flattering to a pretty face like yours!

    • theafrosexyassbeautyhellyes

      i get more love with my afro then i ever did with my perm… i disagree with this… but then again… you never know…

    • Matt

      Hey, not all guys are obsessed with long hair. Actually I think long hair can get kinda boring. I LOVE it when a girl has short hair. Short hair just looks so sexy when it flaunts a girl’s pretty face. I think I’m in the minority here but I actually noticed that when I love a girl’s hairstyle so much I compliment it, it turns out her hair is actually almost always shorter than mine! One hairstyle that I thought was really sexy was Kira from Star Trek Deep Space Nine (played by Nana Visitor) in about the second or third season or so she got a really short cropped haircut. That was actually how I noticed her enough to have a huge crush on her for the remainder of the series.


      • sillycliff512 .


    • emz

      i think the person who wrote this article is just angry because she has shit hair.

    • A guy

      Bald: giant huge big no. Never do it
      Dreads: can be fine
      Mullet: big no
      afro: depends
      Pixie: any girl who can actually put it off probably looks better with long hair.
      Page: most likely no

      This is coming from a guy with his hair starting to reach mid back.

      When you look beyond what society thinks, etc,etc ,etc boils down to this….

      The main difference between long hair on guys and short hair on women is a ton of women love long hair on guys.
      Most of us don’t find short hair attractive. Sorry but we dont. Most of the time it makes you look like a guy.

      Sure some guys might be intimidated by a girl with a strong willed but its not about that.

      We want to date a woman. Society raised us to see that long hair is feminine. Get over it. I think outside the box but that’s what we are made to like since we are kids long hair.

      • Okay then

        Excuse me, but not every woman with short hair looks like a guy. A lot of women actually look amazing with short hair. Some look even better with short hair than they do with long hair. Also “We want to date a woman.” So, what the fuck you’re saying that a woman having short hair means she’s not a woman? Give me a break. And you said you “think outside the box” Well clearly you don’t, if you’re so shallow and close minded as to only find women with long hair attractive. You must not know what “think outside the box” means.

    • steven lourie

      don’t be a sheep! do exactly what we tell you!

    • dj

      What? I love all of these, they are all awesome haircuts/styles who said men hated them?

    • fuck google and android

      Some people can pull the pixie haricut but most girls that use it tend to have manly fewatures or get it asymetrical or “wild”, what I hate is bald… In women children and mostly all people but black men, and just kind off because they look better whit a bit of hair. Fucking Krilin.

    • Ari

      Hell yeah, girls with short hair are cute as fuck.
      Although if you’re white PLEASE do not get locs you look like a fucking douchebag.

    • Nicole

      Hahaha I find this funny, but I love it anyway.
      Just own your hairstyle!

    • http://tech-zilla.com/ TechZilla

      I hate these articles, I think they are purposely giving woman a false image of reality… to raise their own odds in the dating pool, or … to justify their laziness of maintaining a hairstyle. Yea scarlet can wear a very unflattering hairstyle and look gorgeous… BUT, she hands down doesn’t melt my heart like she does with a more feminine style. Do you want that guy in your life, or on the street melt most? Only you can answer that question, it’s not about society, it’s downright genetic as to men liking breasts. I would love a love regardless, but still i’d wonder why they didn’t do everything reasonable to look most attractive to me. Do I one day decide to grow a biblical beard because, eff society??? Would my love hating it be less important than ingrown hairs??? No the simple fact that she’d like it most would be enough. Stop creating insane hierarchies for what should be like yin and yang.

    • Jonathan

      There is no downside for a guy to complement a girl with short hair. That’s why there are a lot of comments here that say “men always complement my short hair” and the like.

      The truth is that no man in the world prefers short hair over long hair. They might put up with it, but deep down they don’t like it. This mentality will change over time (when all of us who have grown up with the ideal women being presented as long haired to us by the media etc.) die out.

      I’ve read a lot of comments on various websites about short hair and categorically believe women are objectively less attractive (to men) with shorter hair. A lot of us “put up” with it as it’s not like it makes someone hideous, but it is substantially less attractive.

      I’ve also seen a lot of people complain that people that don’t like short hair are shallow – well the fact is everybody has preferences. And all mens’ preference is long hair. We can’t be penalised for that.

      And before anyone replies to this with a thoughtless comment about Audrey Hepburn or Halle Berry looking great with short hair, they are super hot movie stars – they’re going to look good no matter the hair style! It’s not a valid excuse.

    • I know bad hair sucks

      f*king bob and pixie cuts. so lesbian…

    • LunaticCreeper

      Wait. Now wait a minute…so why didn’t they include a Mohawk in this list? Like, that’s a pretty hardcore style for a girl, especially if dyed in a crazy cool color. It can be more bad-ass and intense than any of the styles mentioned here–some of these are really pretty plain, to begin with. Pageboy? Nothing too crazy–a longer, more blunt variation of a bob, you could say. The mullet didn’t look too impressive, probably cuz it was toned down to better suit a “feminine” demeanor and personality. Shaved-off all the way was sort of cool, really…but a Mohawk would come in close second–if not first place–in terms of boldness and bad-assery. However, pixies are really quite versatile, too, and can definitely look very much bad-ass and boyish and rad…It just depends on how one is able to pull it off, as not all girls look good with such short cuts. And anyway, fuck what men think. It’s as if women all have to cater to all their goddamn interests all the time; it’s like, yeah, a dude should now determine how a girl is to cut her own goddamn hair, too. Christ! Like, come on, son, if you don’t like it, that’s okay–no one asked for your two cents, anyway.