This Might Be The Deadliest Underwear On Earth

Are you ready to win a Darwin award? Have I got just the underwear for you!

It’s called a “Thunderwear Holster,” and it’s for sale online and probably wherever there are drive-thru liquor stores. Basically, it’s underwear with a built-in pocket for your gun right where your genitals are. Gotta guard the goods, right?

“Imagine the freedom of wearing shorts, jeans, sweats, slacks, workout shorts, even swimming trunks and concealing a full-sized handgun in complete comfort,” the description says. Because the right to bear arms in defense of your property against “ferners” shouldn’t conflict with your right to flaunt your hairy man legs at Walmart.

Now, I’m no Annie Oakley gun totin’ type (try to disguise your expression of shock), but wouldn’t you be just a little bit scared to keep your gun in your crotch, even with the safety on? It just seems like a bad idea to me. Then again, maybe the kinds of dudes who buy Thunderwear are better off without testes, anyway.

Thunderwear! For when you need to make the phallic symbolism of a gun incredibly blatant.

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    • Eileen

      I need to believe that this is ironic. And/or marketed at police officers and Secret Service agents who have to go undercover at the gym. Because otherwise it’s pretty dumb.

      (actually, when Michelle Obama goes to the gym, she is accompanied by Secret Service agents in full suits – but there have to be some who go undercover, right?)

    • Angus

      Looks like they got the site wrong, the guy who created these put his site up here