Man Plans Surprise Wedding For Girlfriend

In the following video, we bear witness to a man setting up a surprise wedding for his girlfriend. Unbeknownst to Colleen, her boyfriend Shawn has assembled over 200 of their closest friends and family in an event hall (or bar, difficult to say), and amassed all the things she had described to him as being part of her perfect wedding: Martha Stwerat light fixtures, for instance, and mason jar centerpieces.

When she shows up to the location, thinking she’s there for a retirement party, Shawn gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him.

The whole thing took him a year to plan.

Have a look:

So. The question is, is this the sweetest, most adorable thing anyone could ever do for their partner, or is it the most audacious and presumptuous overstepping of boundaries the world has ever seen?

When I first saw the name of the video, I was inclined to call it the latter. What kind of delusional person tricks their partner into showing up to a ceremony where they’ll be expected to make a theoretically lifelong commitment? What if she didn’t want to get married? That’s some shit.

But! The good news is, per the end of the video (spoiler alert!), they had already planned to elope. The happy couple was plotting a trip to Vegas in a few months for a private-ish ceremony.

That said, it’s still pretty bold to just go ahead and plan a wedding, without including…you know, the person you’re planning to marry. It means that he either knows her so well that he was fully convinced that this was something she’s want, or he was so taken with his own idea that he hadn’t stopped to really consider whether she’d like it too.

Either way, to be fair, they both look pretty thrilled by the end. But still: what do you think? Is it something you’d want?

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    • T.O

      It’s kind of touching that he would make such an effort to make her dream wedding happen. That said, I am so particular, that I really hope no one tries to do this for me. Ever. It was a huge risk for him to take, but it seems like he asked her a ton of questions to make sure he didn’t just assume things.

    • Cassie

      FUCK. NO. NEVER. Horror story, that! Now I’ll be afraid to go anywhere my boyfriend invites me til the end of time….this needs to NOT be a “thing”.

    • Laura

      I think it means he knows her so well, he was 99% convinced that was what she wanted. As T.O points out, he did ask loads of questions about what she’d want at her ideal wedding. Even on the day he asked her before taking her into the gathering at large if she wanted to go through with it, and I’d like to believe he’d have let her say no.

      In this case I’d have been delighted if my boyfriend had done this for me, just think how much effort and thought went into every decision. I mean sure I’d like input into my wedding, but this would be so awesome and such a beautiful way of saying “I love you”/”As you wish” that I would forgive him that minor detail of being a tad highhanded. We like to say with gifts that it’s the thought that counts – now with that thinking, this is totally adorable!

    • ALS

      I think my husband could have also pulled something like this off. And I think that this guy knows his wife enough that he would know whether or not this was a good idea to try and execute it in the first place. Because they had plans to elope in Vegas, he just took it one step further and made the day they got married a little bit more of what they wanted.

    • Shae

      Hm. I’m of mixed opinions. I’d like to pick out the dress, but planning a wedding just feels so…. well, so much EFFORT. So yeah, I’m all about the guy surprising me. As long as I already have a dress. So maybe the day before.

    • rachel

      Cynical I know but how come her hair was already done when she got out of the car ???

    • Jenny

      So cute and sweet! I’m such a perfectionist that I couldn’t have handled someone else planning the wedding. Also — my husband says this guy sucks because has officially set the standard for romance too high

      Rachel – I thought the same thing, but in the video she says “Everyone knew? Even my hairdresser Tracey?” (or something like that). He must have found some way to send her to the hairdresser and told the hairdresser to give her an updo.

    • james sherriffs

      I give this marriage 2 years, 3 tops. Why? Because he is a “nice’ guy, and women don’t want nice guys. They all want the “bad boys”. You know the kind that are screwing other women before you have rice out of your hair, and can’t hold a job, and become very critical of what you say, think or look. But you woman find that “sexy”. I could never understand when the “bad boy” comes home at 3-400A.M. in the morning smelling of perfume, and telling you he was “out with the boys”, you believe him. Believe me, I learned the hard way, and wised up.