6 TV Hairstyles That Defined Us

A friend of mine recently told me that while traveling to Iowa, she was shocked by how many women were still rocking the Kate Gosselin: a long, side-combed bang with shorter, spiky strands in the back. The look is also known (to me) as the reverse mullet.

Gosselin’s hair is certainly not something I would wish on a friend, but it clearly caught on in some parts of the country. Here are some other looks that have impacted society, for better or worse. Did you ever rock any of these ‘dos?

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    • Lurkeress

      I totally have Elaine hair. I hated it when I was younger but I’ve been told so many times that it’s magnificent that I kind of have to start believing it.

    • mo

      why did you refer to the the FDLS woman as sporting the “Mormon”. I’m a Mormon, not a polygamist, and definitely don’t have hair like that. It’s unfair to Mormons to refer to her as one. Get your facts right.

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        I think you mean “FLDS,” and to be clear, I didn’t say anything about polygamy, or come anywhere close to suggesting that all Mormons are polygamist. And, some FLDS people do consider themselves to be (fundamentalist) Mormon, even if others disagree.

        At any rate, though, you’re right that I shouldn’t have called the hairdo “the Mormon.” I’ve changed it in the post.