Want To See What Lingerie For Toddlers Looks Like?

You know, when I first saw this I thought t it was good looking underwear. Like, the kind of thing I’d wear! And then I remembered that this is being targeted at 4 year olds. Which is crazy. 4 year olds don’t need bras. They don’t have breasts. And these are the 10 years of their life where they’re allowed to focus on developing skills like “speaking” and “writing” and not worry about “reading Cosmopolitan magazine to figure out how to be attractive.” Although, I suppose it really could be worse.

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    • katie

      okay I am going to point out there are people (young girls) that start their monthlys as early as 6 years old which means they start growing all things that make you think of woman hood. They shouldn’t be looking for lingerie but If your growing the same parts as mommy You might want to feel like you are not an out cast and can have pretty things

      • amber dawn

        True, but they already have training bras and stuff like that, not to mention tiny tiny bras for grown ups that can probably fit little girls (who are usually bigger than the average little girl if they hit puberty young anyway.) I am sure there are some occasional exceptions, but lingerie marketed for tots is still not a need.
        and a side note – “If your growing” should be if “you’re” growing.

    • Kathrine

      Pretty things are one thing sexy is another! I have a 6 year old girl and shed much rather have dora or teddy bears frogs or flowers they don’t know the difference between sexy and cute. But I guarantee you wont catch my kid in anything black lace untill shes made the money to buy it and can drive to get it herself!!!