Have You Been A Laughing Monster Today?

Look, I think it’s incredibly important that you support the people over at Jezebel and become a laughing monster. Because of the story in which a woman was approached at a restaurant by a strange man and he slipped her his card. After which:

He neither winked, smiled, nor licked his lips like LL Cool J, so it didn’t feel much like a come on (note to men: slipping women your cards generally fails, anyway).   In fact, he rather glared at me.  I turned over the card to find this charming, charming message:

Note: this reads “Madame, You are a MONSTER, a laughing monster, very primitive!  I fear my ears are destroyed. W. W.

If I got a card like this, my entire life would be better. Anyhow. Consider this your daily reminder to be monstrous with your laughter.


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    • Lo


      Either use paragraphs or get rid of that capital Y in ‘you.’ Very primitive.

    • Sarah

      Actually, she sounds like she was being the loud asshole that everyone hates to be seated next to. Sure, you can laugh as loudly and as long as you like. Go for it. But don’t then throw a hissy fit when you get called out on your thoughtless behavior. You can have fun and still be respectful of those around you.

      I don’t feel very sorry for her.

      • ej

        word. lonely people talk (laugh?) too loud.

    • Ruth

      Am I the only one who thinks the guy might have been mentally ill?