Gallery: Check Out These Intensely Cool Photos Of New York City

Over at the Village Voice today, there’s an interesting interview with photographer Stephen Wilkes. The whole thing really bears reading, but basically, with his “New York: Day To Night” series, Wilkes is trying to show the city in a way that’s simultaneously intimate and iconic. Does that sound like artsy mumbo-jumbo to you? It’s not! His surreal and beautiful images of NYC accomplish just that and more, in my opinion. Anyone interested in seeing more of his work can visit, or go to his show at Clamp Art gallery in New York City September 8-October 29.

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    • Dove

      There is almost no photo subject I like more than New York City, but these look like something you’d buy on a street corner in midtown, or at a mall in the burbs at the store with velvet Elvis paintings and incense.

    • the fotomom

      These images are works of art . The photographer put in hours of work , time and creativity. They are thoughtful unlike the comment made by Dove.

    • Dove

      I didn’t say it wasn’t art. Art is subjective and I’m allowed my opinion. Also, my comment was perfectly thoughtful, describing similar art and where you might find it. I didn’t just say “lol ths sux.”