What Does The Color Of You Bridesmaid Dresses Say About You?

This helpful chart from TheFrisky says Eeyore is my spirit animal! It’s right! It’s completely and utterly correct! No, but I really always have thought that I’d want to dress my bridesmaids in a flattering neutral. And by bridesmaids, I mean “new hobo friends who happened to be hanging around City Hall that day.” What about you? Going to make them look like traffic cones? They’re going to be the peppiest little traffic cones!

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    • Eileen

      I always figured either royal blue (like, you should mistake them for Giants. except not, because they’re girls) or dark emerald green like that dress Marcia Cross wore to the Emmys the one year I watched the Emmys. Mostly because – although my sisters and cousin can wear any color they want – my best friend is a fair-skinned redhead and best suited to jewel tones.

    • Jenny

      I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I’m so…..so…..scared!!!

      I miss you Jessie Spano.

    • miinxi

      what about cream??!!!!

    • Mel

      My girls’ dresses will be navy blue.. But I sure as hell don’t miss my ex.

    • Lucy Smith

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