Do Real People Ever Have Nip Slips?


Remember Janet Jackson? It’s sort of sad, isn’t it, how long we’ve gone without a nip slip. A famous sex symbol has peed on the floor of a plane more recently than we’ve had a nip slip. Oh! Wait! Nicki Minaj had one!  I forgot for a second. Well, good. That’s good to know.

Have you ever had one? Do real people ever actually have “wardrobe malfunctions” or is it something that happens absolutely exclusively to pop stars promoting new records? If you do, please tell us about it in exciting detail. Also let us know if you wear those weird things over your breasts that Janet Jackson wore. Not because it would be sexy, just because we’ve always wondered if that’s something real people do. Or, you know, this chart might be right.

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    • Somnilee

      I’ve got two bras that I can’t wear if I plan on lying on my side (i.e on the couch watching TV) or I frequently find that when I sit up, I’ve slipped out on one side.

    • Sofie

      Yeah I was wearing a tube top once and it slipped down. Just like that. I was at a gay club though so no one really gave a damn. I guess they weren’t into boobies.

    • Rose D.

      YES! I was wearing this breezy tank dress, with built in bra cups, and I went out to get food. Everyone was looking at me, and I figured it was because the dress was low cut. NOPE! My right nipple was totally peeking out for the world to see.

    • Lindsey

      Itty bitty bikini plus beach volleyball equals boob flop. All my boob. Clearly diving for the ball is a bad idea.

      • M

        Even with a moderate-sized halter bikini and leisurely swimming in a lake, the Important Parts of one of my boobs still came out for the world to see. Fortunately, by ‘the world’ we mean my boyfriend and another of our friends, because we were on a side of the lake where no one else was close enough to see me be nipply. So whatever. I guess it helps that I have no shame or dignity in the first place too.

    • Sara

      I once flashed my high school teacher on a school vacation. We were all just chilling by the pool and I decided to go for a swim and never noticed that my rather impractical swimsuit had revealed ALL.

    • Amanda Gun

      I had a nip slip once! I was wearing a strapless dress with a corset style bustier, so I had foregone a bra, thinking that I had enough support even without one. Then I went dancing all night and after a while they just wouldn’t stay inside my dress. It was rather embarrassing, but I think it was dark enough in the club that not many people saw it.