• Fri, Aug 19 2011

How To Wear All One Color Without Looking Like A Crazy Person

I started watching Breaking Bad this weekend and asked my friend “why does that one lady only wear purple?”

“To show that she’s crazy,” my friend replied.

“Oh,” I said, because it’s true, people who wear only one color are absolutely insane! Just nutter-trolls who believe they’re Ronald Reagan! Admittedly, that might be completely speculative. People might just like a particular color – and they might be delightful human beings like the ones in the New York Magazine article on monochrome! And it would save you a lot of time not to have to coordinate different colors in the morning. Or it might be fun to be crazy. Two options!

Regardless, I started thinking about how you could wear only one color and not have anyone immediately realize that you have lunch scheduled with Nancy at 2. Here’s how.


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  • Lisa

    Two shades guy… I don’t approve of that color combination AT ALL!

  • Rob

    These kind of range from boring to a bit crazy looking, but i don’t feel like they’re particularly good examples of people doing one color.