Poll: Could You Date A Guy Who Wore Dresses?

I’m going to submit, without commentary, this fairly famous picture of Kurt Cobain for your consideration. He’s really making this paisley print look tough. I feel like I’m generally too traditional to date a man who wore dresses (I really don’t understand guyliner, either) though someone in the office points out that they did, once. Have you? Could you? Would it make a difference if it was Kurt Cobain? (Yes.) Discuss!

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    • Teems

      If it were Kurt Cobain? Hells yes!

    • Lisa

      Anything goes at a contra dance!

      • Judy

        My thoughts exactly- I was about to answer no…and then I thought of contra, and decided that might be acceptable. Everyone deserves a twirl every once and a while.

    • Ewa

      David Bowie! I’d absolutely date David Bowie. AND Jonathan Rhys Meyers, although he did it for the role. Kurt, maybe.

    • Magda

      I have a secret, or not-so-secret anymore, fetish with drag queens. There is something about the contrast between the masculine and the feminine that totally does it for me.

      Perfect example, recently while at a maroon 5 concert i told my friend, “I love Adam Levine because there is an androgynous air to him. Like if i asked him to wear high heels and lipstick in the bedroom, he would, and then proceed to manhandle me.” Like there is nothing soft about his features (like on his face) but he has this… Idunno…

      Do I even make sense?

    • Jamie Peck

      Try as I might, I will never not find a hot rock and roll dude in guyliner (and maybe a dress) attractive. It is hardwired into my brain.