How The Kardashians Match Up Against Actual Royals

The American-version of a royal wedding featuring a one-time sex tape star turned reality show diva and some guy who plays for the New Jersey Nets happened this weekend. Kim Kardashian wore a ridiculous tiara with her veil, the bridesmaids wore white just like Pippa, and a slew of second-rung reality stars showed up to dance the night away. The Kardashian-Humphries nuptials rocked Montecito just like Wills and Kate’s rocked the Mall in London.

After hearing more than once that Kim K’s wedding was just like Kate M’s and thinking “No, it is not!” I scoured history books and encyclopedias – okay just Wikipedia – to determine which members of the British monarchy the Kardashians really match up to.

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    • Lindsey

      “I refuse to soil the ground that Kate Middleton walks on by comparing Kim to her. Let’s take a second and remember why Kim got famous: for making a sex tape and then capitalizing on it.”

      Ahaha! Being a model, entrepreneur, and, yes, a turning a terrible embarrassment into a good thing, is DEFINITELY a worse way to get famous than marrying someone and giving away your life.

      Seriously. Kim may not be as classy as Kate, but she doesn’t need a man to make something of herself.

      • miinxi

        whoever said that THATS why Kate married Wills? Maybe she married him becuase of who he is, regardless of his title?

    • Sarah

      Which member of the royal family was urinated on in a sex video?

      • Lindsey

        A.) Kim didn’t get urinated on in the video.
        B.) Some people like to get peed on during sex and it’s not a big deal.
        C.) I’m sure, out of all the royals, statistically, a few have gotten peed on and quite liked it, not that it’s anyone’s business.

        The royals are famous for being born. They’re famous for less than Paris Hilton. But because they’re not trashy no one sees them that way.

    • Fatima

      Kim’s dress and forehead adornment killed it and I rather like her compared to Kate’s drab and demure persona. It’s sad but, Kim looked way more regal than Kate did on her day. Also, is it just me but doesn’t Kate always look weary as hell?! I get it that she’s “very busy” and “very important”, but someone needs to get her a stick of concealer and a power bar. Pity