Fashion Disasters: Rihanna At Her Fragrance Launch In London

Rihanna is shown here promoting her fragrance Reb’l Fleur in London (do yourself a favor and read Jennifer’s breakdown of the incomprehensible TV spot from a while back).

So, let’s just set aside the issue of color here. I’m terrified of cyan, teal, everything like it. Maybe it’s because I’m pale. Maybe it’s because I’m a moral coward. One of those.

But the pants shorten her, she’s wearing some kind of shapeless dead muppet halter top and she has some intense Texas pageant hair. That’s my beef with this look. Have you got one?

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Photo: Getty Images

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    • Olivia

      This looks exactly like my nana’s “look swanky for Thursday night bridge” outfit.

      • Chickalupe

        Exactly! I was totally thinking “Grandma Rihanna’s Big Night in the City” when I saw this.

    • Jinx

      What in the name of Snuffaluffagus hell is this?

      • Fatima

        Yes, she’s so Snuffy!

    • Anastasia

      I forgive her… this time! As long as it doesn’t happen again!

    • ash

      her hair is on point. her shirt looks like it was made out of slaughtered muppets.

    • MM

      Rihanna is like the biggest babe ever and she looks good in nearly everything but this is an exception. I think the pants or the shirt alone could have been saved, but together it’s just a trainwreck.